By Daniel Robledo, Computer Engineer | Indie Game Developer

Learn How To Make Games: Videogame Development in Unity

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If you've ever wondered how video games are made and if you want to learn how to do so, this course is for you! I have spent more than two years learning about Unity both by working on little projects and by enrolling myself in pure self-learning. I'll teach you all of the fundamentals about Unity and a lot of mental processes to follow when you want to develop your own game, no matter the software you are using. In this course you will learn: 1. How to start thinking like a real game developer: design features, plan the code, manage optimization... 2. How to work with Unity and all of its basic features 3. Basic to medium level C# coding skills and best practices about programming 4. The fundamentals of animating and creating both visual and audio effects 5. Mental flow thinking processes to follow when developing new features to your games 6. You'll be creating your own arcade-shooter 2D videogame using the techniques from this course. Even if this is your first time with game development, you'll find all of the new learning simple, effective, and easy to apply to your own projects!

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Course overview - 20

  • Introduction

  • Software & Resources

  • Pre-Knowledge Needed

  • Setting Up Our Unity Project

  • Moving Our Player & Enemy

  • Implementing Our Shooting Mechanic

  • UI Creation & Stats Tracking

  • Shield Power Up Development

  • Managing Spawns

  • Creating our Main Menu & Game Over Screens

  • Adding Two New Enemies

  • SpeedBoost & ShootBoost Development

  • Polish First Stage

  • Animating Our Game

  • Adding Particles To Our Game

  • Music & SFX Implementation

  • Entrance & Game Over Animation Development

  • Polish Second Stage

  • Building Our Final Game

  • Course Wrap Up

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Daniel Robledo
Daniel RobledoComputer Engineer | Indie Game Developer
Hello! My name is Daniel Robledo, I am 21 years old and I am a Senior Computer Science & Engineer student, minor in Computer Engineering. I have been programming for more than 5 years and I have worked with more than 8 different programming languages, including software-oriented, database management, web development, and assembly. Apart from my bachelors' projects, I have developed several indie mini-games both with Unity and with Unreal Engine 4 and I have developed both my personal website and a web development freelance gig from scratch using WordPress and CSS. I have also published an online course about game development in Unity There is nothing I love more than learning, I am a very ambitious person and I enjoy getting better every day, even if it is just 1% at a time. If I have to stand out two of my most characteristic attributes, I would pick both proactivity and productivity. I always tend to take the initiative when it comes to leading a team, and there is nothing I enjoy more than helping others do their work more efficiently and in a much more satisfactory way If you want to take a closer look at both myself and my work, you should definitely check out my personal website at