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By Medeni Adıyaman, Motion Graphic Designer and 2D Animator

Learn How to Draw and Animate by Using Illustrator and After Effects (Beginner Level)

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Course description

Good Motioning everyone. In this class, there will be two sections. In the first section, I will teach you how to draw a cloud, buildings, a tree, a plant, a road, a traffic lamp and a car in Illustrator. Then you will compose your own artwork. In the second section, I will teach you how to animate them with the transform parameter in the After Effects. And also, I will teach you the compatibility between After Effects and Illustrator, two different usages of masking and also the wiggle effect. This class is the right fit for beginners and also for those who are a little familiar with Illustrator and After Effects. By the end of this class, you will improve your perspective on both drawing and animation.

Course overview - 25

  • Introduction To Drawing Exercise

  • Color Palette

  • Car

  • Buildings

  • Cloud

  • Tree

  • Plant

  • Traffic Lamp

  • Road

  • Compose an Artwork

  • Layering The Artwork

  • Introduction To Animation Exercise

  • To Import The Artwork into The After Effects

  • Pre-composition

  • Scale Parameter

  • Opacity Parameter

  • Compatibility Between After Effects and Illustrator

  • Position Parameter

  • Rotation Parameter

  • Graph Editor

  • Matte

  • Masking

  • Wiggle Effect

  • Export

  • Final Thoughts

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Meet your instructor

Medeni Adıyaman
Medeni AdıyamanMotion Graphic Designer and 2D Animator
Hello and welcome! My name is Medeni. I am 30 years old and I live in Istanbul/Turkey. I am a Motion Graphic Designer and 2D Animator who likes to learn and teach. This is a great opportunity to reaching many different students to share my knowledge about motion graphic design and 2d animation on After Effects. I hope to make a difference for many people about their journey of learning motion graphic design and 2d animation.