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By Vishal Singh Jadon, Online Content Creator, Blogger & HR

Learn Content Writing, Copywriting, Content Marketing, SEO Writing, Blog post writing & More! With Checklist+ Templates

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"BRAND NEW & UP TO DATE FOR 2020" Welcome to The Complete Content Writing Course! Do you want to become a content writer? Do you want to enhance your writing and marketing skills so that you can become a better content writer? “Learn and Master Content Writing, & Content Marketing & Copywriting in this Comprehensive Course” This course is designed to help you develop writing and marketing skills in few hours. The complex fundamentals are explained in a simple manner so that you could learn in an easy way. So even you are an absolute beginner in content writing, you will find this course easy to follow and understand. **** This course is designed by Content Writers who have 4+ years of experience, created content for 50+ websites in less than 1 year *** This in depth course comes from the content writers who have experience in this field since 2016. So whatever you learn here, would help you stay ahead of your competitors. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS COURSE?

Learn the core concepts of Content Marketing, Copywriting & Content Writing Learn to generate traffic and sales by writing effective content Build trust & connection with your audience for gaining authority as a writer Identify your target audience & create buyer persona Learn to write blog posts that would rank better in search engines Learn how to apply marketing & writing principles for better results Learn to write sales copy that has a powerful headline and effective Call to Actions Optimize the content for SEO Create a Promotion Plan for sharing content with audience Develop the qualities that will make you a successful writer Discover the challenges in this career and how you can overcome them easily Recognize the writing mistakes & how you can avoid them

IN ADDITION, YOU WILL ALSO GET: Access to Interesting & Lively Lectures That Are Easily to Follow Simple Formulas for Better Writing Time Saving & Ready to Use Worksheets, Templates & Downloads Content Writing skills are high in demand. So by developing this skill, you could have better career opportunities. WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE? Full Time or Part Time Writers, Who Want to Enhance Their Skills. Freelance Writers Who Want to Learn or Improve Their Writing and Offer Better Freelance Writing Services Bloggers Who Want to Write Engaging & Interesting Blog Posts and Get Better Rankings. Content Marketers Digital Marketers Absolute Beginners Who Have No Writing Experience but Want to Learn About Content Writing. (You Can Join in as We Will Start from The Basics So You Would Easily Follow.) This Course Is for Those Who Are Willing to Start a Career in Content Writing This Course Is for Those Who Already Know About the Topic but Want to Clear Their Concepts or Polish Their Writing Skills.

It’s a complete course with actionable tips so that you can get maximum value and learn in a better way. It includes quizzes, downloadable files and assignment that would help you to practically apply your skills and check your progress. BY THE END OF THIS COURSE: You will have clear understanding on Content Writing, Content Marketing & Copywriting You will be able to write effective copy that would lead to conversions and sales You will identify your target audience and create buyer persona You’ll be able to a content promotion strategy You will learn about SEO writing and On- page and Off-page SEO practices. Create solid blog posts that readers would love to share. Become a better writer who has clear understanding of marketing & writing high quality content. Whether you are a beginner or advanced level writer, you would benefit from this course. Don’t worry if you have no prior experience. Since we will start from the basics, you don’t need prior experience or knowledge. It's designed for ALL LEVELS  (Beginner to Advanced). If you are ready to develop your writing skills, please go ahead and enroll in this course. You can take a look at the free lectures as this will help you to know more about the course. Glad to see you inside the course!

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Course overview - 44

  • Welcome to The Course

  • What You Will Learn in This Course? ( An Overview)

  • Tips to Use This Course Effectively & Get Maximum Benefit From it

  • An Introduction to Content Writing

  • Origin & Need of Content Writing

  • Increasing Demand For Content Writers (How You Can Benefit From This)

  • Career in Content Writing: What to expect?

  • Types of Content

  • Difference Between Content Writing, Content Marketing & Copywriting

  • What is Content Marketing and Why it is Essential?

  • Creating A Solid Marketing Plan to Promote Content

  • Understanding Marketing Principles

  • Identifying Target Audience

  • What is Buyer Persona and How You Can Create it?

  • Effective Formula of Storytelling & How it Can Lead To Sales

  • Here's Your Badge!

  • What is Copywriting and How it is Different From Content Writing?

  • Write Amazing Copy Using AIDA Model in 4 Simple Steps

  • The Secret Formula To Write Powerful Headlines That Grab Attention

  • What is Call To Action ( CTA ) and How it Can Lead to sales?

  • How To Write a Sales Copy? ( With Example)

  • Collect Your Badge!

  • Writing Principles

  • Number 1 Tactic to Write Awesome Content

  • Steps to Write Engaging Content

  • Free Tool for Editing & Proofreading Content

  • What is SEO?

  • Using On Page SEO For Optimizing Content

  • Using Off Page SEO For Optimizing Content

  • Write SEO Friendly Content In 4 Easy Steps

  • Download SEO Checklist

  • Types of Keywords

  • Which Type of Keywords You Should Choose?

  • Why its Essential to Promote Content?

  • Effective Channels to Promote Your Content

  • Practical Tips To Overcome Challenges in Your Career

  • 9 Serious Mistakes To Avoid as a Writer

  • Qualities of a Successful Content Writer

  • 8 Simple Steps To Write Awesome Blog Post

  • How to Optimize Blog Post For Ranking in Search Engines?

  • Fun Activity- Write a Blog Post Now!

  • Blog Tips

  • Collect Your Badge!


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Vishal  Singh Jadon
Vishal Singh JadonOnline Content Creator, Blogger & HR
Vishal is an online content creator, freelance business writer & blogger. He pursued Mechanical Engineering but had a change in career when he found content writing. He is an Ezine Approved Writer. Through his blog, Kinggs Writer, he shares the best earning methods with his readers. Vishal Singh's Credentials: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering Content Writer & Freelance Trainer Certified Human Resources Professional (HR) Online Intructor & Blogger Ezine Approved & Certified Writer Quora Top Writer His purpose is to help people learn new skills and transform their life. That's why he's here to help you learn and grow in the best possible manner.