Learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC in 2 hours - My Fast & Efficient Course

By Joey Bettenbroek, Teaching Filmmaking

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In this course you will be working with Adobe Premiere Pro to learn how to edit videos In this course I will teach you in a short periode of time how to software Adobe Premiere Pro works and how to edit your first video with it. I'm sure that after watching this you will be able to edit very professional looking videos without much effort. You can use that skill to make your own videos as a influencer, maybe get a job as video editor or social media content creator or work on your own creative projects (maybe your first short-film) Is it possible to learn Premiere Pro in only 2 hours? I'm sure it is! The problem There are a lot of people that want to learn video editing software but quit after just a couple of minutes because all the functions and possibilities of the software is too much and overwhelming. Online there is so much content, so you don't know where to start or you learn things in the wrong order. The possibilities To learn how to edit videos in Premiere Pro is super fun. You can make one nice video out of all kind of different clips. Because of that, you never have loose video clips on your computer again. Also at the en of this course you could use your skills to help other people, work for companies and earn money with your new skill. A Simple solution After teaching filmmaking online for a while now, I discovered that I can offer a solution to the people that have almost a panic attack when they're opening software like Premiere Pro for the first time. Because; WHERE DO I START? That solution is a complete Premiere pro course for beginners. A course where you learn everything you need in real life or in the work field in just 2 hours. Step-by-step. Not a course that takes you 20 hours to finish while you learn al kind of things you will never need. I have more than 3.600.000 views and 20.000+ subscribers on my youtube channel. I hope I can make A LOT more people happy with my videos in the upcoming years. Focus on what's important Only focus on what is important is something I said a couple of times now. But how is it possible to know what kind of things, functions or tools you will never use. That is something you can only tell if you have a lot of experience in the work field. I'm making videos for more than 9 years already and know exactly which techniques you use to make videos for big companies, or small videos for social media. You also don't use every button in your car to make it to your next destination, right? How long do I have acces? You can decide for yourself when you start and end the course. If you enrol now you have lifetime acces to the course, that means you can start the same minute, or a couple of days later. You can finish the course within 2,5 hours, or you can watch one 5 minute episode a week. You can even look up something you forgot, years later. It's not like the normal education system where you have to finish everything before a certain date. Enrol now and start right away!

Course overview - 21

  • This is what we’re going to do.

  • You need this, before you start.

  • File management and creating a project.

  • Workspace explanation and importing footage.

  • Creating your sequence.

  • Timeline and layers explanation.

  • Syncing external audio with your video.

  • Trim and cut your videos.

  • Supplemental footage intercut.

  • Effects panel to modify your footage.

  • Video transitions.

  • Adding text.

  • Adding images and photos.

  • Animation with keyframes.

  • Background music and sound effects.

  • Color correction.

  • Exporting your project to a video

  • Trim your videos ultra fast.

  • Adding professional looking slowmotion

  • Stabilise your footage

  • You did it, congratulations!

Meet your instructor

Joey Joey
Joey BettenbroekTeaching Filmmaking
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