By Amaro Araujo, International Key Account Manager,

Leadership & Management development course

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Inspire and motivate individuals or teams to grow and perform at optimal levels

In this leadership and Management development course, you'll learn, refresh, or develop your knowledge to: - Identify the difference between a leader and a Manager - Be prepared to motivate people to achieve goals in easy and challenging times - Have an overview of essential leadership tools and styles - Reflect on your leadership role, attitude, and behavior - Choose the right actions to improve your leadership quality – including communication. - Master objections, resistance, and other difficult situations – confidently and convincingly - Use proper and structured feedback sessions to keep your team at the top level Leadership and Management requires solid soft skills that are dissected in this course Become a leader that people will follow, not a manager that people don't like to work with. The 'command and control' system doesn't work or provide all your teams' potential value and direct reports. This course shows you how to do that. By empowering people, understand them, and support their ambitions while tackling your team goals and objectives. Besides templates and much other support material, you'll find some slides explaining how this course can help you in your career.

You'll find as well  practice tests and case studies to help you explore and apply knowledge. Very important to prepare you for real case situations and/or job interviews.

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Course overview - 4

  • Intro

  • Leadership and Management

  • Powerful scenes Leadership and leadership styles

  • Wrap up and support material

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Amaro Araujo
Amaro AraujoInternational Key Account Manager,
Author of the books "sales is my passion" and "Career Path Compass" I am a six languages speaker and international sales executive with extensive experience in international and multicultural environments. Passionate about life, entrepreneurship, curious mind, dreamer, public speaker, and writer Regular publisher in Linkedin, Quora, and Medium I have high customer and Stakeholder focus, excellent negotiation skills, and management of portfolios, over-delivering my targets. - Excellent interpersonal skills managing relationships with involved key stakeholders and customers - Flexible, accepting change and adapting quickly to new environments or strategies - Multicultural mindset and experience - Sales "hunter" and "farmer" with high-level negotiation skills - Enthusiastic and energetic with a calm pace. - Diversity & Inclusiveness promoter Consultant works/freelance: Helping startups and mid-size companies scale up sales, build sales teams, define market positioning, route to markets and/or internationalization.