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By Ronald Fernandes, Chief Executive Officer

Leadership Essentials - The 3 C's of Growth: Laying the foundations of Personal Leadership and Positive Growth

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"You only live once, but if lived right, once is enough!" All of us would like to be happy in life. Maybe we're enjoying a great life right now, or maybe there are certain areas of our life that need attention. Oftentimes, we may or may not know how to create for ourselves, a life of purpose and meaning. This course, The 3 Cs of Growth is a simple yet effective model that can help us get started in building the life that we want. Using a well thought-through and well-structured approach, this course will enable you, the learner to: Understand and apply the simple yet effective learning presented through the course, easily and immediately! Create the life you want by using a simple blueprint to help you get started! Gain access to amazing tips and pointers from psychology, neuroscience and other fields! Enrich your life by building more Clarity, Competence and Commitment in all areas of your life Live a life that has meaning, purpose and balance!

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Course overview - 25

  • Introduction to this Course

  • What's the reason behind this course?

  • Why is the process of Positive Change so hard?

  • So, what are the 3 Cs?

  • What's the Course format?

  • A preview on the module on Clarity

  • Clarity: The Story of Glenn Cunningham

  • Clarity: So, what is Clarity?

  • Clarity: Decoding Clarity - Inputs from Neuroscience & Psychology

  • Clarity: Five Tips to build Clarity

  • Clarity: A synopsis of this module

  • A preview on the module on Competence

  • Competence: The story of Kobe Bryant

  • Competence: So, what is Competence?

  • Competence: Decoding Competence - Inputs from Neuroscience & Psychology

  • Competence: Five Tips to build Competence

  • Competence: A synopsis of this module

  • A preview on the module on Commitment

  • Commitment: The story of Dashrath Manjhi

  • Commitment: So, what is Commitment?

  • Commitment: Decoding Commitment - Inputs from Neuroscience & Psychology

  • Commitment: Five Tips to build Commitment

  • Commitment: A synopsis of this module

  • A synopsis of this Course!

  • The Road Ahead

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Ronald Fernandes
Ronald FernandesChief Executive Officer
Ronald Fernandes is the founder of Metamorphosis, a brain-based, Leadership-Development & Corporate Training Company. He is the first Indian to be certified in the Process Communication Model (PCM) and Process Education Model (PEM)  - an award-winning psychological methodology. He is a certified Coach with the ICF. He also holds certifications in Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behavior Therapy (RE-CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and other psychometric tools such as the MBTI, DiSC, TAT, etc.