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Landscape Sketching, Tips and Tricks

Language: English
Landscape Sketching, Tips and Tricks

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This course is for beginners in drawing and it starts with a very simple landscape. But step by step improving your skills finally you'll be able to deal with a three-point perspective sketch. 

When you start to draw a landscape by yourself, the main question is: what to start with? how to start? I will help you to understand it and concentrate on what is really necessary to make a good landscape sketch. I’ll explain rules of measurement, composition, schematics, linear perspective, and all the sketching process step by step. Moreover, I'll give you a lot of tips and tricks saving your time and effort. 

For example, in the process of drawing traditionally all the measuring have to be done with a pencil. But it requires some skills and it's very inconvenient for beginners. So, I offer instruction on the manufacturing of little measuring tool for sketching. I'll show you how to make measuring and counting with a simple strip of paper. My perspective grid system will help you to build up the orthogonal lines when the melting points are outside of your picture, far away from a sketchbook page. 

Every step will be explained and every task simplified in many ways. Even my students with zero o close to zero drawing skills create lovely looking sketches starting from the first lesson.

I wish you happy sketching!

Course Overview

  • 1. Preparation to sketching

  • 2. Placement, measurement, outline

  • 3. We do sketch: when to stop?

  • 4. Adding human figures and cars to landscape

  • 5. Properties of the line

  • 6. Line language in imaginary landscape

  • 7. Preparatory part of the line sketch

  • 8. Using the line language in sketch

  • 9. Types of linear perspective

  • 10. Drawing landscape with one-point perspective

  • 11. How to draw two-point perspective without melting points

  • 12. How perspective grid works

  • 13. Using perspective grid in sketch

  • 14. Finalizing sketch with perspective grid

  • 15. Three-point perspective using grid

  • 16. Three-point perspective sketch from life

  • 17. Three-point perspective without horizon line