By Mark Keane, Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Dance Teacher

Kundalini Yoga: A New Beginning, A New Life, A New You!

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Course description

However you are finding life right now, by completing this course, you can find the key to making it even more amazing with Kundalini Yoga.

With 16 years of experience of Kundalini Yoga, I am in a unique position to know the secret to exactly how this powerful form of Yoga works, and I have managed to distill the essence of the vast practice into this bite size course, to give you a genuine experience of feeling great right away!...

The result : Your life will become instantly more amazing, because when you feel great, you start doing the things you really want to do, and the people around you will know notice the difference immediately. They will want to know why suddenly you are suddenly so much happier, with so much time and energy for the things and people that are really important in your life.

If you sometimes feel a bit stuck, or a bit lost perhaps, the techniques I will show you here will get your energy flowing again. This will enable you to regain the clarity of purpose, direction and energy that you need to give greater meaning and clarity to your life.

Say goodbye to feelings like apathy, depression and inertia, which we all experience from time to time! I will help you find the unlimited energy within your body that will get you fully inspired and engaged in life, so that you can take your life to the next level, and start to live the life you always dreamed of, filled with deep joy.

It doesn't matter if you have never done one single Yoga class in your life, and can't touch your toes because you do not need to be flexible, and absolutely no experience is needed for this course, everything is very simple and clearly explained for you to practice, as you are right now.

Equally if you have done other forms of Yoga but feel that there is something missing, then let me reveal the secret of how and why Kundalini Yoga is something extra special.

No matter who you are, this course can put you on the path to help you find a deeper insight into what Yoga is really about, which is no less than rediscovering the truth of who you really are...Boundless and Limitless!

Get ready for the big change in your life that you have been waiting for, get ready for Kundalini Yoga!


Related Skills

Course overview - 13

  • Introduction to this Course

  • What is Yoga?

  • What is Kundalini Yoga?

  • Tuning In Mantra

  • Breath of Fire

  • Spinal Flex

  • Spinal Twist

  • Shoulder Shrugs

  • Neck Rolls

  • Sat Kriya

  • Meditation for a Calm Heart

  • Ong Sohung Mantra

  • Tuning Out Mantra

Meet your instructor

Mark Keane
Mark KeaneKundalini Yoga and Kundalini Dance Teacher
Mark TJ Keane, BSc (Hons) Psychology and Philosophy. Published author of two books: 'Meditation for Beginners', and 'Secret Enlightenment'. Director of 'Sleeping Serpent', an organisation which brings elevation to the world, including... 'Kundalini Yoga' : Mark is a fully trained and certified teacher since 2005 with 3HO in Anandpur Sahib, Northern India in the actual residence of Yogi Bhajan (creator of Kundalini Yoga). He is the original, and most recognised Kundalini Yoga teacher, serving the South West of England, UK. 'Kundalini Dance' : Mark is a fully trained and certified teacher since 2005, with Leyolah Antara, in Byron Bay, Australia.He is the original, and most experienced Kundalini Dance teacher in Europe. 'Kundalini Dance' is a powerful, shamanic, healing, journey through the chakras, our seven basic energy centres.Mark is a leading expert on using the power of the 'Kundalini' life force, and the 'Chakra' system, for healing and transformation. Mark is a Meditation Master (and of Mindfulness), and has acquired the rare ability to completely stop the mind at will, which leads to clarity, focus, and a feeling of deep inner peace. Mark is dedicated to helping others get back in touch with nature, and realising the deep wisdom, and healing it can offer us. Our ancestors knew this, and indeed tribal cultures around the world are still connected to this wisdom to this day. He is famous for conducting 'Kundalini Fire Dance' journeys  outside in woodland or sacred, stone circle sites, using shamanic drumming, ritual, dance and fire. It's a way to honour the seasons, and accelerate personal liberation, at the eight points of the wheel of the year, in harmony with nature. This has now branched out into 'Xistdance', a shamanic fire dance for men to activate their divine masculine archetypes known as the Warrior, Lover, Wizard (Magician) and King. In 2010 Mark has also pioneered the 'Conscious Clubbing' movement in the UK, which are alcohol, and drug free, dance events, with positive energy and superfoods. Since 2014, this has now evolved into an even more extraordinary movement, that is taking the UK by storm...'Kundalini Clubbing' a powerful combination of Cacao Ceremony, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Dance, Conscious Clubbing and Gong Bath (Sound Journey)! If you are interested in re-awakening your passion, and drive for life, then Mark's inspiration is infectious!