By Mark Keane, Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Dance Teacher

Kundalini Dance: Sacred Movements To Activate The Chakras

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Course description

Ecstatic Dance Initiations, Shamanic Drum Journeys & Chakra Meditations To Dissolve Your Shadow & Raise Your Vibration.

This course is for those who are passionate about the idea of reaching natural states of ecstasy, through dancing without drugs.  This is a course like no other, it is designed to wake you up, and have some serious fun at the same time, dancing your socks off. (quite literally as it's best with bare feet)

The beauty of this course is that you can do it wherever, and whenever you want, when you feel that you could do with a good dance to release some tension, and connect to your joy.

The roadmap is the Chakra system because we are working with activating your Kundalini life force energy, and getting it to rise up through these seven primary energy centres, to clear through any blocks you might have, that are holding you back in your life.  The result is that you will begin to experience some real freedom in the way that you think, feel and act. Once that energy gets released, and begins to flow through you, it dissolves all the fears that we often cling to, quite unconsciously, to keep us safe, and essentially stuck in our lives.

Yes friends it is time to dance out the demons of fear, doubt, confusion and the ego in all its many facets, so that you can begin to move away from stuck energies that prevail in humanity such as anxiety, depression, stress, frustration, boredom, inertia, apathy etc.  It is time to dance your way into complete and utter freedom, both within how you feel, and in the way that you choose to live your life after enjoying this revolutionary course I have made for you.

I have no less than 14 years of experience being on the world's fist ever Kundalini Dance training in 2005 in Australia with the creator Leyolah Antara, so you are in safe hands.

This is likely to be the most fun that you have had in a long time, and quite possibly the best money you have ever spent, because after completing this course you will be empowered to move through life like a dance with a really solid sense of confidence. This can only come from deeply reconnecting with who you really are beneath all the masks we hide behind, such as our many roles in life, and our beliefs, especially limiting or negative ones.

We will activate and cleanse each and every chakra using the self healing energy of the Earth, and Source with our own Kundalini life force.   The method is varied using tools such as intuitive dance, pranic breath, pranic sound, shamanic drum journeys and guided visualisations.  Your life will never been the same after a good are dissolving your shadow so that you can return to your centre, who you really are beneath it all.. that beautiful, shiny, passionate, inspiring and motivated soul that is here on this Earth to really make a positive impact.

Are you ready for the next phase of your life, free from the fears and negativity of the past?  If so, this course is for you...Enrol Now!

Course overview - 46

  • Introduction

  • Embrace Your Shadow

  • About This Course

  • The Chakras

  • Kundalini

  • Pranic Breathing

  • Trance

  • Opening Up Sacred Space

  • Physical Body

  • Emotional Body

  • Mental Body

  • Pranic Body- The Ka

  • Spiritual Body

  • As Above So Below

  • Tree Portal Dance Activation

  • Base Chakra : Emotional Body

  • Base Chakra Shamanic Journey

  • Base Chakra Meditation

  • Base Chakra : Spiritual Body Phase

  • Completion Phase

  • Sacral Activation Dance

  • Sacral Chakra Emotional Body

  • Sacral Chakra Meditation: Encountering the Goddess

  • Sacral Body Shamanic Drum Journey

  • Sacral Chakra Spiritual Body Phase

  • Solar Plexus Initiation

  • Solar Plexus : Emotional Body.mp4

  • Solar Plexus Shamanic Drum Journey

  • Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation: Surrender to Divine Will

  • Solar Plexus Spirit Body

  • Love Expansion Dance

  • Heart Chakra : Emotional Body Phase

  • Heart Chakra Meditation

  • Heart Chakra Shamanic Journey

  • Throat Chakra Drum Journey

  • Heart Chakra Spiritual Body

  • Thoat Chakra: Physical and Emotional Bodies

  • Throat Chakra Meditation

  • Throat Chakra Spiritual Body

  • Third Eye Activation

  • Third Eye Meditation : Pyramid Eye

  • Third Eye Shamanic Journey

  • Third Eye : Spiritual Body

  • Crown Chakra : Gong Integration

  • Crown Chakra Activation

  • The End is Only the Beginning

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Meet your instructor

Mark Keane
Mark KeaneKundalini Yoga and Kundalini Dance Teacher
Mark TJ Keane, BSc (Hons) Psychology and Philosophy. Published author of two books: 'Meditation for Beginners', and 'Secret Enlightenment'. Director of 'Sleeping Serpent', an organisation which brings elevation to the world, including... 'Kundalini Yoga' : Mark is a fully trained and certified teacher since 2005 with 3HO in Anandpur Sahib, Northern India in the actual residence of Yogi Bhajan (creator of Kundalini Yoga). He is the original, and most recognised Kundalini Yoga teacher, serving the South West of England, UK. 'Kundalini Dance' : Mark is a fully trained and certified teacher since 2005, with Leyolah Antara, in Byron Bay, Australia.He is the original, and most experienced Kundalini Dance teacher in Europe. 'Kundalini Dance' is a powerful, shamanic, healing, journey through the chakras, our seven basic energy centres.Mark is a leading expert on using the power of the 'Kundalini' life force, and the 'Chakra' system, for healing and transformation. Mark is a Meditation Master (and of Mindfulness), and has acquired the rare ability to completely stop the mind at will, which leads to clarity, focus, and a feeling of deep inner peace. Mark is dedicated to helping others get back in touch with nature, and realising the deep wisdom, and healing it can offer us. Our ancestors knew this, and indeed tribal cultures around the world are still connected to this wisdom to this day. He is famous for conducting 'Kundalini Fire Dance' journeys  outside in woodland or sacred, stone circle sites, using shamanic drumming, ritual, dance and fire. It's a way to honour the seasons, and accelerate personal liberation, at the eight points of the wheel of the year, in harmony with nature. This has now branched out into 'Xistdance', a shamanic fire dance for men to activate their divine masculine archetypes known as the Warrior, Lover, Wizard (Magician) and King. In 2010 Mark has also pioneered the 'Conscious Clubbing' movement in the UK, which are alcohol, and drug free, dance events, with positive energy and superfoods. Since 2014, this has now evolved into an even more extraordinary movement, that is taking the UK by storm...'Kundalini Clubbing' a powerful combination of Cacao Ceremony, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Dance, Conscious Clubbing and Gong Bath (Sound Journey)! If you are interested in re-awakening your passion, and drive for life, then Mark's inspiration is infectious!