Jiva Mukta: Balancing

By Katharina Jauernig, Yoga Teacher

Language: German

This course is for you

eine ganze Yoga Session

aufgeteilt in:

- Meditation: Möge alles Leben glücklich & zufrieden sein (ca. 5 Minuten)

- Atmung: Ujjayi ( ca. 5 Minuten)

- Sonnengrüße A & B (ca. 10 Minuten)

- peacefully warrior Sequenz (ca. 15 Minuten)

- Balancing Sequenz (ca. 20 Minuten)

- Abschluß Sequenz ( ca. 15 Minuten)

- Yoga Nidra (ca. 25Minuten)

Gesamtlänge: ca. 95 Minuten

Course overview - 7

  • Meditation: Möge alles Leben glücklich & zufrieden sein

  • Pranayama (Atmung): Ujjayi

  • Sonnengruß A & B

  • Peacefully warrior Sequenz

  • Balancing Sequenz

  • Abschlußsequenz

  • Yoga Nidra - der Schlaf der Yogis

Meet your instructor

Katharina  Jauernig
Katharina JauernigYoga Teacher
Shanti here. I am born 1981 in Austria. I started to teach Yoga before 15 years. My Yoga journey started because I had ro heal and regenerate my body from competitive sports. And it worked. I am certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. Other qualifications I have are: Pilates mat trainer Groupfitness B License trainer Capoeira teacher I specified on Yoga 15 years ago. I will help you with correcting your movement/ pose, getting more healthy and fit, food and how easy it is to be vegan, giving you a positive mind-set and better life quality because of this.