By Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher.

Jazz Guitar For Beginners

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What you will learn

  • Harmony and Theory for jazz.
  • 11 Guitar Practice Tips for Speedy Improvement.
  • Chords, scales, and arpeggios.
  • How to improvise in diatonic and modal chord progressions.
  • Real book with more than 400 songs.
  • Improve Your Sense of Rhythm Cheat-Sheet.
  • Walking bass technique. 
  • How to turn an easy pop chords progression in jazz.

Course description

Hello, my name is Gabriel Felix (California College of Music), and today I want to talk about my new Jazz Course.

- You will never again find yourself looking at a professional player playing a fancy, beautiful-sounding chord, and not having a clue what kind of chord it is and how to play it yourself. - You can take your favorite rock & pop songs, that are originally only played with simple chords, and start mixing fresh, fancy-sounding chords into them (9 chords, 13 chords, 6/9, and plenty more), to create GORGEOUS new cover versions out of them. Versions that no one has heard before - and you made up on the spot. - If you are writing songs, you now have an insanely colorful "palette" to write your own songs with - using these gorgeous chords. - You finally UNDERSTAND advanced chords theory, and you will never need to shy out again out of conversations/lessons on advanced materials from fear that you cannot "keep up".

Very Important Note: Jazz it's not an easy style, from this it is necessary to learn harmony, theory, and all the basic jazz chords before begin to play Jazz!! I know you just want to play jazz on the guitar, but be patient and follow all the step by step. It´s much better to spend fell days learning about harmony than give up after 1 week just because you don't know how to play a Cmaj7(9) chord.

Class Project Jazz arrangement challenge. Step 1: Compose a simple chord progression (triads) Step 2: Add 7th and altered chords (9th,11th,13th, altered bass, and diminished chords) Step 3: Add one or two jazz techniques. (walking bass, arpeggios, and guitar licks).

Who is this course for? Guitar players who want to start playing jazz music, or any other advanced genre.


  • This course is for all guitarists that want to learn or improve Jazz. It's not necessary to be able to read music or understand music theory. If you are a beginner on guitar, I think it's better if you take a beginners course first.

Related Skills

Course overview - 30

  • Intro

  • Major and Minor Scales

  • Major and Minor Chords

  • Music Intervals

  • How to play music intervals on the fretboard

  • Music intervals tricks on the fretboard

  • Why are there both sharps and flats?

  • Seventh Chords Theory

  • Seventh Chords Practice

  • Dominant Chords

  • 9th Chords

  • 11th Chords

  • 13th Chords

  • Altered Bass Chords

  • What is a Diminished and Half Diminished

  • Jazz Chords Progression Beginner Exercise

  • Jazz Chords Progression Intermediate Exercise

  • Triads - How Important Are They

  • Simple Triads for Better Solos

  • Simple inverted Triads for Better Solos

  • Pentatonic Scale + Patterns

  • Pentatonic Blues Scale

  • Greek Mode - Theory

  • Greek Mode - Practice

  • Greek Mode - Guitar Licks

  • How to improvise guitar solos by ear?

  • How to improvise Jazz guitar solos?

  • Fly Me To The Moon - How to write an arrangement of a song

  • Final Notes and How to Improve Even More!

  • Complementary Material

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Meet your instructor

Gabriel FelixMusic Teacher.
Hi, My name is Gabriel Felix, I´ve been teaching guitar professionally for 10 years now. I have a music degree at (Step Academia de Música - 2011 and California College of Music - 2013) Nowadays I run my own business in Brazil, called ''Meio Musical'' it is a music school located in Rio de Janeiro. My goal is to teach many students how to play their instruments and develop the music skills necessary to become a professional or amateur musicians. (Personal Infos) I'm addicted to: -Chocolate -Good Music -Guitars

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