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IP Masterclass Course

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Course description

This IP MasterClass will encompass all of the IP knowledge that you did not understand, were afraid of, or just simply did not know the importance of in the Computer Age! You should be aware that IPs are extremely important in the Information Technology fields that you would need for certification & the real world. Not only will this MasterClass include the basic fundamental topics but will dive deep into the advanced topics & the reasons why we configure IPs and apply them to a Network. This IP MasterClass will also have Labs using several methods of IP infrastructure to include the NOW new Spine & Leaf topology that is part of the NEW CCNA (200-301). This IP MasterClass should make the student aware that they will also partake in configuring the following: 1) L2 Ether-channel 2) L3 Ether-channel 3) ROA 4) SVI 5) VTP Of course, that's not all! This course will also include the very basics of securing Internetworking Devices for management purposes within your Network. Remember that IPs are the heart of every NETWORK and it is an essential topic that all IT professionals, regardless of their level of expertise, must embrace. There is just no getting around IPs if you want to compete in the real world and make yourself stand above the rest. Whether it's your career or job. This course will have quizzes, labs & notes at the end of each section to gauge your knowledge of topics learned. When you complete this course, you should NOT have any more doubts and/or fears of IPs and will have ultimately become an IP MASTER!

What will Students learn in this course?

- IP Addressing & Configurations.

- Subnetting in IPv4 & IPv6.

- Route Summarization.

- Configuring Routing IPv4 & IPv6 Routing Protocols.

- L2 & L3 Ether-channel.

What are the requirements for this course?

- Student must have a passion to learn the subject matter.

- Student must have a simulator of emulator of their choice to practice.

Who is this course for?

- Anyone in the Information Technology field.

- Anyone in Networking.

- Anyone that needs to understand IPs.

Course overview - 11

  • Section 1- Intro to Course

  • Section 2- IPv4 Fundamentals

  • Section 3- Identifying IPv4 Address

  • Section 4- Subnetting IPv4 the "LAZ WAY"

  • Section 5 - Summarization in Networking

  • Section 6 - Lab Configurations

  • Section 7 IPv6 Fundamentals

  • Section 8 - Subnetting in IPv6

  • Section 9 - IPv6 Labs

  • Section 10 - IPv6 Special Feature Configurations

  • Section 11 - Summary of Course

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