Introduction to Ultrasound Physics

By Paul Mushinsky, Senior IT Manager

Language: English

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Understand the basic principles of Ultrasound Physics and its implementation in Diagnostic Ultrasound

Course overview - 30

  • Introduction to the Course

  • Creation of Sound Wave

  • Sound Frequency Units

  • Sound Frequency Ranges

  • Sound Waves

  • Compression and Rarefaction

  • Sound Frequency, Period, Velocity and Wavelength

  • Sound Frequency, Period, and Wavelength - Visualization

  • Sound Waves and Tissue

  • Medium, Density, and Compressibility

  • Continuous Wave and Pulsed Wave Ultrasound

  • Continuous vs Pulsed Wave - Visualization

  • PRF, PRP, Pulse Duration and Spatial Pulse Length

  • PRF, PRP, Pulse Duration and Spatial Pulse Length - Visualization

  • Sound Variables - Intensity, Amplitude, Power, Decibels

  • Velocity and Piezoelectric Effect

  • Impedance and Reflection

  • Reflection, Refraction, and Angle of Incidence

  • Specular vs Non-Specular Reflectors

  • Attenuation

  • Shadowing

  • Resolutions - Definitions

  • Axial and Lateral Resolutions - Visualization

  • US Beam Formation

  • US Beam Formation - Visualization

  • Axial, Lateral and Spatial Resolutions

  • Array Transducers

  • CW vs PW Ultrasound Modes

  • Brief Description of Ultrasound Machine

  • Course Conclusion

Meet your instructor

Paul Mushinsky
Paul MushinskySenior IT Manager
•I’ve been a Sonographer for more than 20 years •I’ve been teaching Ultrasound and Ultrasound Physics for more than 15 years. •I’ve been a Director of Diagnostic Medical Sonography program for 10 years •My students have a 100% SPI passing rate. Now I am an IT manager mentoring and managing IT professionals.   My goal is to make sure my students are successful and are not afraid of Physics as a science and not intimidated by formulas and definitions. I love teaching and I love my students. I am ready to teach them what I know and I am ready to learn from my students.