By Melissa Hallock, Instructor

Introduction to Programming using Python

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Introduction to Programming This course is for the very beginner! If you have struggles in programming courses or simply just don’t get it, this course will get you started. There is not much actual programming in this course as this course covers the basic concepts you should learn before you begin programming. In this course you will learn how hardware and software work together, how to plan putting a program together, and you will learn all the basic concepts such as what a variable is, why and how we use them, what lists are, what loops and decision statements are, and more! Get a solid base to begin your career!

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Course overview - 16

  • Lesson 1-Hardware and Software

  • Lesson 2: How a program works

  • Lesson 3: How a Program Works Using Python

  • Lesson 4: Install Python Hands on

  • Lesson 5: Write Your First Program

  • Lesson 6: Designing Your Program

  • Lesson 7: Install Raptor: Hands on

  • Lesson 8: Learning Raptor: Hands on

  • Lesson 9: Input, Processing, Output

  • Lesson 10: Data Types

  • Lesson 11: Input and Output

  • Lesson 12: Processing

  • Lesson 13: Processing

  • Lesson 14: Repetition Structures

  • Lesson 15: Functions

  • Lesson 15: Arrays

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Melissa Hallock
Melissa HallockInstructor
When students experience difficulty understanding material well enough to apply their newly learned skills, it often causes failure, which can also cause their lives to unravel. My great passion is bringing the "aha" moment and sharing life skills so students can become successful in the IT field. Even more, my students learn to embrace changes that are bound to happen and learn to be quite prompt in doing so. I understand that no single approach is the right one for every individual, and so I have been trained in a range of pedagogies, strategies, and techniques including student centered learning and active learning and completed research on how many different cultures and genders learn. My educational background began in business at Oklahoma State University but when I bought my first computer my whole world changed, and so did my schooling. I now have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Microcomputing and Networking from Davenport University and a Master of Information Systems from Phoenix University. I also have certifications: A+, Net+, Cloud+, Security + and MCTS. I teach in many realms of technology from hardware and networking, to security, cloud, database, scripting, and programming.