By Hal Rose, Business Analyst/Project Manager

Introduction to Amazon Polly Text to Speech

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Course description

In this course you will understand how to establish an account to use the AWS Text to Speech tool Polly.  The course will include selecting the different voices available and then modifying them using Speech Synthesis Markup Languale (SSML).  It will expand this by showing how to use breathing additions, pauses and emphasis on speech parts.  You will learn how to export the speech to MP3 files for use in video editing.

Course overview - 5

  • Polly Voices and Punctuation

  • Class Project

  • SSML Details

  • Prosody

  • Wrapping Up

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Hal Rose
Hal RoseBusiness Analyst/Project Manager
I have many years of experience in complex manufacturing.  I have an MBA in Production Management from Cal State Fullerton.  I am a certified project manager from the Project Management Institute.  I've taught at several community colleges in Orange County and UCLA Extension.  I've acted as a Product Manager on several SCRUM projects and as a Business Analyst I have developed requirements, written and conducted User Acceptance Testing and developed and delivered training for complex systems.  The systems included Enterprise Resource Planning, Export/Import Compliance and product design.