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By Georgio Daccache, Certified Instructor

International Trade: Logistics , Supply Chain, Trade Law, International Business

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Discover the basics of International Trade: Logistics management (LM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), International Trade Networks, Regulations, Agreements, International Trade Laws... International logistic management involved rapidly, so what is logistic management? What is the Supply Chain Management (SCM)? What is international trade? We will go through all the contexts and backgrounds behind these Subjects; how to apply and use them, and we will also go deep into Regulations and the precautions needed to take into consideration to make international trade and business in the easiest, safest and most profitable way. The course will be divided into three general sections: 1) The first section will be centered on understanding International Trade. The following topics will be addressed in the first section: Foundations of international trade: History, Evolution, Present, and Future of International trade. The Foundations of International Trade. The Main International Trade Theories absolute advantage and Comparative advantage. WTO (World Trade Organization): foundation, Role,… Steps to starting your Import export business. Contributions of the New Geographical Economy: Multinational Firms and Globalization. 2) The second general section will be centered on understanding the Supply Chain Management (SCM) What is Supply Chain Management and How it Works? Supply Chain Strategies with Examples. Types of Supply Chain with Examples. Supply Chain In Manufacturing with Examples. Supply Chain In Services with Examples. Supply Chain Stages with Examples. History, Evolution, Present and Future of Supply Chain. 3) The Third general section will be centered on understanding the Logistics Management (LM) Introduction to Logistics Management Logistics Value Proposition Logistics Goals and Strategies Logistics Steps and Tactics Logistics Concepts The course is rich in Up to date important articles and resources. By the end of the course, you will be able to Manage International Trade and Business in the Easiest, Safest, and Most Profitable Way and gain Valuable and deep knowledge of international trade, Supply chain management, and logistics management, their origins, history, present, future, in addition to the most important Theories and policies. Welcome!

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Course overview - 24

  • Introduction to the Section I

  • International Trade Explained

  • Why can't Countries just make their own Products?

  • International Trade Foundations and Agreements

  • International Trade, Globalization & Multinational Corporations

  • How to Start your Own Import-Export Business

  • What is Value Chain? Value Chain Definition, Management and Analysis

  • Introduction to the Section II

  • What is Supply Chain Management?

  • What is a Supply Chain and how it Works

  • Supply Chain Strategies and Example

  • Supply Chain in Manufacturing

  • Supply Chain in Services With Examples

  • Types of Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  • Supply Chain Stages

  • Stages Explanation with Examples

  • Supply chain strategies: Which one hits the mark?

  • Section III: Logistics Management (LM)

  • Logistics Management Explained

  • Logistics Value Proposition

  • Logistics Goals and Strategies

  • Logistics Steps and Tactics

  • Logistics Concepts

  • What Are the Goals and Objectives of Logistics Management?

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