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Intercultural Communication

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Get the best experience interacting with people from other culture or background

Globalization is there and affects us directly or indirectly at a personal and/or professional level. Having a global reach, we need to understand different cultures, origins, and backgrounds and how they impact how people communicate and how they come across with different postures. Are you moving abroad? Are you working in a multinational or multicultural environment? Are you planning an extensive trip abroad? Are you preparing your studies in a different country? Merely curious to understand why some people act and behave as they do? Have a global audience and want to avoid misunderstandings or undesirable situations? This course helps you out with all those questions above and many others. It covers the background of intercultural communication (who we are; why do we act or communicate the way we do; why looking at the same thing we have different perceptions, etc.) and the practicalities of the subject (non-verbal skills; summarizing; assertiveness; handling difficult discussions etc.) You'll become aware of areas we often overlook, autopilot modes we run, why our communication isn't sufficient, and why we should shape it to our counterparts each time. You'll learn to develop your knowledge about communication, bearing in mind diversity, inclusiveness, and different personality types. In the bonus lesson, you'll find a PowerPoint on how this course and intercultural communication can help you with your career.

You will find as well practice tests and case studies to help you explore and apply knowledge. Very important to prepare you for real case situations and job interviews.

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Course overview - 5

  • Intro

  • Background and setting the scene

  • Praticalities

  • Powerful scenes of intercultural communication

  • Course wrap up and support material

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