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By Jun Wu, Marketing Expert

Instagram Business - Sell On Instagram - Customer Psychology

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You are taking this course because you want to grow your business on Instagram. I know that.
That's why I am going to give you what you want. You want me to show you how to make a sale on Instagram.
I will do that.
You also want me to show you different ways to grow your brand and influence.
I will do that.
And you don't want any bullshit.
I will do... I mean I won't do that.
I hate videos that waste your time.
In Business, time is money.
This is why I concentrated everything I know about doing business and making money on Instagram into a 2.5 hr video course.
Because hey, if I can't explain a business concept to you in 5-10 minutes , then I don't understand the concept well enough to share it with you.
It's time to attract targeted Instagram followers and use Art, Science, and Psychology to turn them into fans and long term paying customers.
Having a business is owning an empire. A powerful influential force that controls a niche. And what do empires do? They conquer. It's time to help you build your empire. Let's start today!

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Meet your instructor

Jun Wu
Jun WuMarketing Expert
Hello! A pleasure to meet you, I have spent the first part of my life a nerd in college. I barely got any dates and focused all my time getting into med school. Then in Med school, I slowly realized that my true passion was in Entertainment and Marketing. Long story short, I dropped out of med school and have been working 15+ years in the Entertainment and Marketing Industry. My work speaks for itself. :) Please give me a chance to work with you! I promise to show you why you must live the life that you are passionate about. 15+ years working in the Entertainment Industry - Model/Actor/Director/Producer 15+ years working in Marketing. Branding, business strategies, and growth hacking.