Instagram's possibilities are endless if you can communicate with purpose. So let's design your Content Strategy!

By Maggie Roman, Illustrator & Educator for creatives

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Instagram's possibilities are endless if you can communicate with purpose as Instagram is an amazing tool that can help us grow our business, create a community around our purpose and find our tribe. However we are often unsure of how to approach it and how to use the platform, in a way that will both benefit us and our audience. The most common problem is that people often don't have clarity when it comes to their content strategy and therefore find it hard to have consistent growth both as a business and as an account. This class is for anyone who wants to develop a successful content strategy and grow their business through Instagram. The lessons are designed to offer clarity on the various components of a successful Content Strategy and are packed with exercises that are designed to help you find your true voice, as well as bring value to your audience. This class will help you find your WHY, find your niche and understand who your target audience is. Together we will create dialogue, set up the perfect profile and let your profile shine through having an opinion and through true authenticity. I have even added a whole extra chapter dedicated solely to juicy tips and tricks, as a bonus. I hope this class brings you clarity and confidence on your way to designing your very own, very successful content strategy. Enjoy! :)

Course overview - 8

  • Find your Why!

  • Find your niche & target audience

  • Create Dialogue

  • Be Authentic

  • Give Value

  • Set up the perfect profile

  • Developing your Content Strategy

  • Secret Sauce, Tips & Tricks

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Maggie Maggie
Maggie RomanIllustrator & Educator for creatives
Hello! I am a London based Illustrator, a Content Creator and an Educator for creatives. My main goal is to help creative people be successful doing what they love, be it through Art or Marketing advice.