By Chandra Prakash Veluchamy, Software Engineer

Innovative Python

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Course description

  • Takes your Python programming to next level by giving hands on tool development
  • Combining the power of REGEX and Python to achieve fantastic results.
  • Read your systems available/free memory using python
  • Creating window toast notification
  • Modify/process clipboard elements to extract only required information
  • How to schedule a script or task to trigger in windows machine perodically
  • Runnning the windows command using python
  • Extracting the required data from the windows command
  • Ideas to Create simple tools that can help you greatly in reducing manual works and improve productivity

Course overview - 16

  • SpotLight on What we are going to learn

  • Getting data from Clipboard

  • Different types of Regex to pull Dates from Clipboard

  • Processing dates in Clipboard

  • OS and Subprocess Module

  • Run Windows Command using OS module

  • Run windows command using Subprocess Module

  • Simple Windows Toast UI notification

  • Scheduling events in python

  • Event Scheduling Coding

  • Event Scheduler Project Output

  • Module to open browser using python

  • Open WebBrowser with dynamic url

  • Easy Graphical Representation of data

  • Project Result: Graph for chrome memory usage

  • Thank you!!

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Chandra Prakash VeluchamySoftware Engineer
Chandra Prakash is an enthusiastic programmer, software developer, tester and online tutor. He is also an ever green learner and has the ability to grasp concepts quickly and also he is very much interested in teaching others from his school days itself. In software field, he is proficient in C#, java, Python, perl and ruby. He has good exposure and created lot of tools that reduces people's manual effort. Make learning an important part of day to day activity and you will never run out of opportunities in life. Always question yourself try to find answer within yourself, Test yourself and emerge as your own upgraded version at the end of everyday and keep moving forward. His only focus on each of his course is to make his student as an upgraded version of themselves and to feel proud about their growth toward innovation. Keep Growing and Feel Proud about it. Chandra Prakash V.