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Innovative Python

Language: English
Innovative PythonInnovative Python

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1 hour 40 minutes

of video/audio content

1 minute

of reading content

  • Takes your Python programming to next level by giving hands on tool development
  • Combining the power of REGEX and Python to achieve fantastic results.
  • Read your systems available/free memory using python
  • Creating window toast notification
  • Modify/process clipboard elements to extract only required information
  • How to schedule a script or task to trigger in windows machine perodically
  • Runnning the windows command using python
  • Extracting the required data from the windows command
  • Ideas to Create simple tools that can help you greatly in reducing manual works and improve productivity

Course Overview

  • 1. SpotLight on What we are going to learn

  • 2. Getting data from Clipboard

  • 3. Different types of Regex to pull Dates from Clipboard

  • 4. Processing dates in Clipboard

  • 5. OS and Subprocess Module

  • 6. Run Windows Command using OS module

  • 7. Run windows command using Subprocess Module

  • 8. Simple Windows Toast UI notification

  • 9. Scheduling events in python

  • 10. Event Scheduling Coding

  • 11. Event Scheduler Project Output

  • 12. Module to open browser using python

  • 13. Open WebBrowser with dynamic url

  • 14. Easy Graphical Representation of data

  • 15. Project Result: Graph for chrome memory usage

  • 16. Thank you!!