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By Jaina Kotari, Freelancer

In-Depth pencil art: Sketching complete portrait with eyes, nose, ears, hairs & skin | Sketching Ide

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What you will learn

  • What you will learn in this class? 
  • I'm so delighted to have you here. In this course, you will find out the basics of how to make a single pencil portrait.
  • I will cover everything from measuring to anatomy, shapes, shading, and planes. 
  • I will guard you on how to apply these techniques to create a realistic portrait straight from reference or directly.
  •  I will teach you techniques that will help you understand how to see the face as three-dimensional. How to find different anatomical landmarks or even how to construct individual features like nose, mouth, skin, eyes, and hairs from the very scratch. In the end, you will hopefully end up with the basic knowledge of how to approach a pencil portrait.

Course description

Have you always wanted to draw realistic pencil portraits but had a hard time getting accurate proportions? Have you mastered the grid method, but want to challenge yourself to draw freehand? Join me, as I will teach you how to level up your portrait drawing skills with a comprehensive deep dive into facial anatomy. Hi guys I'll be showing you how to draw beautiful realistic pencil portraits.

Who is the class for? There’s something for everyone! Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you can level up your portrait sketching skills by learning face proportions and create AMAZING portraits with JAINA’s sketching methods After taking this class, you will gain technical knowledge and you will also know how to apply this knowledge to the action! You will be presented with unique exercises that will help you to advance your skills even further. It's a fantastic class. This class will put the fun back in the process by teaching many alternative techniques. And many of you will not stop here, but use the ideas as a starting point for your own creativity. A great class should have you bubbling with excitement and I know this one will deliver just that! I promise you, you'll come out of this class armed with a whole new bunch of techniques and your very own portrait. ;) Are you excited? ;)


  • no prerequisites 

Course overview - 4

  • How to edit realistic face part 1

  • The Eyes-How to edit realistic face part 2

  • The Nose-The Eyes-How to edit realistic face part 3

  • The Mouth-The Eyes-How to edit realistic face part 4

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Jaina KotariFreelancer
In-Depth pencil art: Sketching complete portrait with eyes, nose, ears, hairs & skin | Sketching Ide