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By Beatriz de Sousa, Singer, Vocal coach

IMPROVE YOUR SINGING | Breathing exercises!

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Let's improve your singing! In this class you will learn practical exercises to develop your BREATHING and SUPPORT technique. By the end of this class you will understand your body’s natural coordination and know how to use it in your advantage for singing. I will provide several strategies with each exercise and guide you in a methodic and simple way through everything you need to know to take your voice to the next level. With this lesson we will set the basis of our body’s mechanisms regarding singing. Breathing is a fundamental part of singing, so I knew that before a class about actual singing, it was essential to start with breathing exercises and get in touch with the “support” of the voice (where the voice should be coming from). It is natural to have the urge to start singing right away, but later on you will thank yourself for having set the basis first. Do not build the roof of a house before you have set the foundation! This lesson is divided into two main groups of exercises: the breathing exercises and the support exercises. Singers need to develop their breathing capacity in order to be able to sustain high quality vocal production during long frases (from one breath to the next). It is easier said than done, but if you follow a regular practice of the breathing exercises I’m sharing, you’ll notice a substancial progress in a few weeks. I’ll also give you a few tips to track your progress. The support exercises will help you to engage with your body, promoting a heathy vocal production, free of constriction or blockages. There are many different ways of producing a singing tone, but we should always rely on the natural instincts of our body for a healthier voice production. This includes using our whole body to optimise our singing in its beauty of tone, but also to be also to be able to sing for longer periods of time and embrace, without fear, more challenging music. I've found teaching to be one of my greatest passions and I'm very exited to launch these series of singing classes. I will be sharing with you the basics of a healthy singing technique that allows anyone to improve their voice in a short time and achieve real and visible progress! I believe singing is a very natural action. We only need to tap into our body's instincts and allow our natural voice to develop. It's an exiting journey and I feel super privileged to help you through yours! I will be posting more classes on different topics that will help you to keep developing your voice and your singing technique. My next class will be an essential guide for beginners, where we will actually sing and find the natural mechanics of your voice! To stay tuned, make sure you follow my Grinfer profile to be notified when I post a new class or check regularly for new singing lessons. I’m here to help you improve your singing and encourage you to take the most out of these singing classes! So if you have any doubt or question about the exercises we explore in the lessons, make sure to leave a comment. In case you'd like to book an 1-on-1 singing lesson you can contact me through Grinfer's platform under the Instructors section. I'll be here to answer you!

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Beatriz de Sousa
Beatriz de SousaSinger, Vocal coach
I'm a professional classical singer, working as freelance with several Opera Houses. I also do vocal coaching in different genres of music! I have a great passion for teaching and sharing knowledge and experience with others. Stay tuned for the classes' regular uploads.  Let's stay in touch! Professional Biography: Beatriz de Sousa recently appeared as Elvira in Bellini's I Puritani in Opera de Oviedo, L'Amour in Gluck's Orphée et Euridice with the Real Filharmonia de Galicia and as Almirena in Händel's Rinaldo at Opera de Tenerife. Earlier, she was praised for her success as Adina in L'Elisir d'amore also at Ópera de Tenerife and at the Tbilisi National Opera and Ballet. She also appeared as Corinna in Il Viaggio a Reims at the Rossini Opera Festival, Anima Ingrata in Monteverdi's Il ballo delle ingrate at Dutch National Opera and Brighton Festival, Galatea in Acis and Galatea for Kolarac National Hall in Belgrade, Lucy in The Telephone for the Gulbenkian Foundation and Pamina in Die Zauberflöte with Escales Lyriques in France, as well as in several productions in Austria. This led her to work with conductors and stage directors such as Alberto Zedda, Carlo Rizzi, Antonio Méndez Michele Spotti, Pierre Audi, Lotte de Beer and Emilio Sagi, among others. Born in Lisbon, early on she moved abroad to study with the soprano Dolors Aldea at the Conservatorio del Liceu in Barcelona and later at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna with the tenor Rainer Trost. She also studied with the soprano Sylvia Greenberg and the pianist David Aronson. Beatriz received several scholarships from the Gulbenkian Foundation through the ENOA Young Opera Makers Training Program, which allowed her to complement her artistic development through masterclasses with renowned musicians who inspired and guided her path such as Giulio Zappa, Alberto Zedda, Mariella Devia, Marijana Mijanović and Christiane Iven. Beatriz was also awarded at several music competitions such as the 1st Prize for the José Augusto Alegria 2021 in Portugal, the Best Interpreatition of an Opera Aria 2021 at the Haydn Competition in Austria, the 2nd prize of the singing competition Compostela Lirica 2019 in Santiago de Compostela as well as the 2nd prize and the Mozart prize of the Grandi Voci Competition 2018 in Salzburg.