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By Billijs Cirvelis, Multimedia Designer & Photographer

Improve Your Photography Skills With Techniques Which Are Used By Professionals All Around The World

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Watch this course and start capturing stunning pictures whether it would be with a smartphone, mirrorless or a DSLR camera! I will guide you step by step through composition principles that lead to much better photos. By increasing your understanding of the art of framing in photography you will be able to create amazing photos of architecture, portraits of people, landscape pictures of nature, travel photos, and any other kind of photography because composition is the essential part of every photography type. In this online course, you will learn how to excel in digital photography. It is for beginners and intermediates, but also useful for experts, as I will cover some tips which can be useful also for professionals. You will learn basic principles on what composition is and what the elements of every frame are as well as composition rules, like the Rule of Thirds, Symmetry, and Leading lines, but also some less known techniques, like leading attention to the middle, using color for making your pictures stand out and pop, creating different emotions and telling great stories. Jānis: "The course was very good, both the theory and the examples. I hope it will take my photography skills to a new level. Thank You, Billijs." John: "The teacher/photographer is providing us with clear examples of what he is talking about. He explains his thoughts very well and avoids technical jargon. I also like his pacing: he speaks slowly and repeats his main point in different ways so that we get a deeper understanding." What camera can be used? It does not matter whether you have a DSLR(digital single-lens reflex) camera or a mirror-less camera, or even if you do mobile photography with an iPhone or Android phone, this course is for everyone, who is willing to learn how to master the composition of photography. Do not miss the opportunity to become a better photographer - start the course now!

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  • Introduction

  • Principles of what photography is about and what composition is

  • Composition Rules

  • Composition Techniques

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Billijs Cirvelis
Billijs CirvelisMultimedia Designer & Photographer
I have worked with different media for many years and love to make creative solutions that improve the world. I specialize in photography, graphic design, and marketing (I have a Master's degree in social sciences in Management) and these are the subjects I would love to teach you so that you can become better at what you are doing and learn different skills that can advance your career! Without a mentor, the road to improvement is very difficult. Therefore I have created some lessons with great value that will help you improve faster and easier! Don't wait any longer – go check out my courses and I will appreciate your feedback :)