Improve Communication Skills & Become Effective Listener

By Mayur Pangrekar, Certified Life/NLP Coach & Practitioner, Trainer

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Welcome! Do you want to learn how to become effective and efficient in your communication, then this course is perfect for you. This course is designed with hyper-efficient methods so that you can learn all basic communication skills basics in less than 90 minutes. This course gives you simple methods to implement.

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- Step by step methods

- Proven knowledge

- Practical tips

- Highly engaging course

Start improving results of your communication immediately after starting this course. "

Course overview - 14

  • Section 1 - 10 techniques to improve your communication results 3 things to do to get the most from this course

  • Improvement techniques 1 and 2 - clarity and correctness

  • Improvement technique 3 - be courteous and earn respect

  • Improvement technique 4 - 5W and 1H method for completeness

  • Improvement technique 5 - build confidence in listeners - concreteness

  • Improvement technique 6 - keep listener's attention - make message concise

  • Improvement technique 7 - considerate - build relationships this way

  • Improvement technique 8 - be coherent logical and consistent

  • Improvement technique 9 - Ask a powerful question - what do you want the other person to do

  • Improvement technique 10 - Prepare mind of listeners and achieve results - learn through this story

  • Section 2 - Improve your listening skills World's best communicators are best listeners - 1 trick

  • 5 levels of listening - start becoming an empathic listener

  • Listening is key - practical tips to effective listening

  • Section 3: Conclusion to course

Meet your instructor

Mayur Pangrekar
Mayur PangrekarCertified Life/NLP Coach & Practitioner, Trainer
Hello & Welcome to My Profile! I am very excited that you are here. I am a life coach and corporate trainer with 21 years industry experience in USA and India. I have helped more than 500 people (that included students, working professionals and entrepreneurs) through 1 to 1 coaching to achieve their career and business goals. I have helped my 1 to 1 clients in following areas: self discipline, stress/anxiety management, career transitions, decision making, starting a business, removing negative thoughts. I build rapport with my client very quickly  and I use 32 sceintific techniques to help my clients. I have also conducted training programs (online and on-site) for organizations in manufacturing, IT, consulting companies, interior designing, education, medical centers and colleges. More than 10,000 people worldwide have benefitted by my video courses on soft skills, personal development and entrepreneurship. • Certified NLP coach and practitioner, ICTA, Europe, 2020 • Certified life coach, ICF accredited Symbiosis Coaching (USA) and Certified Coaches Alliance - CCA (Canada), 2017 • Trained by Dr. Vivek Bindra’s EAE entrepreneurship program, New Delhi,  India - 2019 • Entrepreneurship & Business management training from Mr. Ravi Prakash, Ace Speculum, Pune, India - 2018 • Train the trainer training from IITD, Pune,  India - 2017 Want to solve your challenge or grow in your career or life? Take action! Book a consultation with me!