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By Usman Yousaf, Graphic Designer

Icon Designing for Web App & Software in Adobe Illustrator

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Course description

Masterclass of designing the Icons for Websites Mobile and Web Applications & Software inside Adobe Illustrator

In this class you'll learn designing icons inside Adobe Illustrator using basic shapes and outlines and we will also learn "how the icons interact with us in everyday life" For this class, we will be specifically working on the creating icons related to Website Design, Mobile Application Design and Software Design And once we will complete the designing part, we'll then go through a deep study and understanding of the proper usage of the icons in everyday applications.

Class Asignment

Class project is something that will help you to track your progress for what you have learnt in the class. By doing regular practice and work on project, it will help you to enhance your skills. I highly recommend students to go through the class project and do some practice, by following the process and strategies taught in the class. For this class project, all you need to do is, pickup a topic A, B or C from following areas; Create an Icon Design Set for; A. Banking & Finance Web Application B. Construction Equipment Mobile Application C. eCommerce Desktop Application Please make sure, to design minimum of 10 OR 12 Icons in an icon set

Course overview - 31

  • Quick Overview

  • Basic Guide for Icon Design - Icon Grid

  • Email Icon Design

  • Messenger Icon Design

  • Edit Icon Design

  • Contacts Icon Design

  • Folder Icon Design

  • Briefcase Icon Design

  • Settings Icon Design

  • Delete Trash Icon Design

  • Profile Icon Design

  • Phone Icon Design

  • Call Log Icon Design

  • Monitor Screen Icon Design

  • Laptop Icon Design

  • Fax Icon Design

  • Printer Icon Design

  • Calculator Icon Design

  • Camera Icon Design

  • Speaker Icon Design

  • Location Icon Design

  • Browser Window Icon Design

  • Filter Icon Design

  • Globe Icon Design

  • Security Lock Icon Design

  • Cart Icon Design

  • Cloud Icon Design

  • Dimond Premium Icon Design

  • WIFI Icon Design

  • How icons impact our everyday life

  • Final Thoughts

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Usman YousafGraphic Designer
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