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How To Write A Book In 30 Days: The Amazing Writing Formula

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A book on your bucket list for long time ? How would you feel if you could fulfill your dream of writing your personal story or experience following super simple steps? And to add to that, end up with a quality book as well. Well, this class is for you. Whether you want to write a book : 1) For your brand building 2) Long time dream 3) Bucket list 4) Grow your business 5) Help others with shared knowledge & wisdom That's it. Don't wait any longer to make it happen. Your moment is now. ACT NOW. Speak out loud- the title!! My name is Alok Kumar and I'm a 30 day author, an Amazon Best Seller & a Peak Performance Coach. I run my own e- commerce venture & my two favorite things are to read & talk. In this class, I am sharing simple yet powerful 8-step formula that I used for my 30 days writing challenge & wish to help you with the same. If you believe in yourself & your story, go ahead. I will be waiting for you in this course. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER FOR YOU.

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  • Inroduction!

  • Welcome

  • Book Length

  • Get A Diary

  • Share It With Few

  • Why Do You Want To Write A Book?

  • Writing Ritual

  • Deciding Topic

  • Skeleton and Mind Map

  • Law Of 5

  • Editing

  • Name Game

  • Publish Your Book1

  • Publish Your Book2

  • Publish Your Book3

  • Launch & Promote Your Book

  • Joining The Dots

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ALOK KUMARPerk Performance Accelerator
Alok Kumar is an Amazon Best Selling Author of "The Secret You", a Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, E-Commerce Entrepreneur ($10K in 45 Days). Though he has worked for big corporates like Amazon & Wal Mart, with over 15 years of experience, his true passion lies in helping people reach their potential. He is often called Mr. Energy in his circle. He is out there to make this world a better place & seeks your help.