How to Visualize Your Content Marketing

By Brian Honigman, Marketing Consultant, NYU Adjunct Professor

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The visuals created to support your marketing campaigns matter. Whether you’re producing articles, recording a podcast or publishing a report, pairing aesthetically pleasing and professional visuals with your content can help ensure it gets seen. Sponsored by Adobe Spark, this course teaches non-designers how to produce attractive designs for their content marketing efforts. Through identifying the key elements to focus on with each type of design and using the mobile design tool, the goal of the course is to help you create appealing visuals more quickly and affordably. Join Brian Honigman, a leading marketing consultant and an NYU adjunct marketing professor, to learn how to visualize your content marketing by designing captivating graphics, images, infographics, social media posts and other visuals. To improve your design skills as a marketer or business owner, you’ll learn how to: - Establish brand style guidelines - Design visuals for a blog post - Design visuals for a podcast - Design visuals for Facebook and Instagram - Design visuals for Twitter - Design visuals for YouTube - Design an Infographic - Design visuals for reports, guides, and white papers - Design memes and GIFs Redeem an extended free trial of Adobe Spark and 20% off the monthly and yearly subscription plans:

Course overview - 11

  • Introduction: Visualizing Your Content Marketing

  • Creating Brand Style Guidelines

  • Designing Visuals for a Blog Post

  • Designing Visuals for a Podcast

  • Designing Visuals for Facebook and Instagram

  • Designing Visuals for Twitter

  • Designing Visuals for YouTube

  • Designing an Infographic

  • Designing Visuals for Reports, Guides, and White Papers

  • Designing Memes and GIFs

  • Conclusion: Streamlining the Design Process

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Brian Brian
Brian HonigmanMarketing Consultant, NYU Adjunct Professor
Brian Honigman is a marketing consultant helping NGOs, media brands, and tech companies succeed with their strategy around content marketing, social media and more. Brian is an adjunct professor at New York University's School of Professional Studies, an instructor at LinkedIn Learning, and a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Next Web. Named a "digital marketing expert" by Entrepreneur and a "top social media pro" by Social Media Examiner, Brian delivers strategic consulting, coaching, and training for marketers and leaders at the United Nations, People Magazine, Thomson Reuters, the Weather Company, Asana, Sprout Social and others.