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How To Use Webinars For Your Business

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How To Use Webinars For Your Business

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Do you know that most of the online marketing tools that we use have a BIG disadvantage?! Yes, a BIG disadvantage, the fact that they don't offer us the possiblity to have real time interraction with our audience.  
Webinars are one of the few online marketing methods that allow you to have REAL TIME COMMUNICATION with your audience, build credibility and authority and ultimatly drive more sales in profits in your business.  
Why do you think that more than 65% of BIG companies world wide run at least one Webinar per month?  
Right now Webinars are probably THE MOST HIGH CONVERTING TOOL online for driving sales. Videos, Emails, Articles still work very well but it's very unlikly to bring high ticket sales of up 5000$ like Webinars do.  
So, if you are not using Webinars yet in your business you are living a lot of money on the table. But hey, that's why we are here, to help you start using Webinars for your business.  
So, in this course you will learn:  
WHY you need to use Webinars in your Business
How to PREAPRE your AUDIENCE for a Webinar
How to create AMAZING FREE ONE PAGE WEBINARS of your own
How to use Webinars in your business.
How to SELL with Webinars  
and much more!  
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14 Day Money Back GUARANTEE if you feel this course didn't help you at all and you can't apply anything...that is how dedicated we are to your success!  
Time To Take ACTION!  
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Course Overview

  • 1. Why Webinars are a MUST HAVE in your business

  • 2. The 7 TIPS to create HIGH QUALITY Webinars for your audience.

  • 3. This is CRUCIAL in geting a "HIGH SHOW UP RATE"

  • 4. How to setup your List and Registration Forms for your Webinar

  • 5. Why should you consider creating your One Page Webinar?

  • 6. My Special "8 Steps Tehnique" of creating Amazing Webinars for FREE

  • 7. How to setup your Google Account and Webinar

  • 8. How to use a FREE Website Builder for the One Page Webinar

  • 9. My FREE One Page Webinar Case Study

  • 10. How to use Webinars in your business

  • 11. How to SELL with Webinars