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By Jacob Wiles, Music Psychologist

Music and Wellbeing: A lesson in Music Psychology

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Course description

Do you want to know how to: 1. Use music to be more productive? 2. Improve your mood by listening to music? 3. Use music for relaxation?

These are just a few of the topics this class on Music and Wellbeing will cover. Based on Music Psychology research, I share my favourite techniques to use music to improve wellbeing, whilst also introducing you to the theory behind why these techniques can work so well. If you want to understand more about the power of music and use it to improve your own sense of wellbeing, then this class is for you. This is an introductory and practical course, no previous experience with music required.

Course overview - 10

  • How can you use music for wellbeing?

  • Emotion regulation

  • Cognitive Priming

  • Mindful Jukebox

  • Music for Expression

  • Ensemble Music and Connection

  • Music and Movement

  • Music and Relaxation

  • Music Therapy

  • Concluding Thoughts

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Meet your instructor

Jacob Wiles
Jacob WilesMusic Psychologist
Hey there! I'm Jacob (21), I'm a Music and Music Psychology undergraduate at the University of Leeds. Music Psychology Specialities:  Music and Identity Music and Well-being Music and Emotion Music and Mood control Instruments I teach: Clarinet Saxophone Flute