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How to Use a Journal for Personal Development

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How to Use a Journal for Personal Development

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In this class, I’ll be showing how you can use a journal to improve your life!

You'll see different ways of using a journal. Think of a journal as your second brain, that it’s there to help you understand, process, and connect different dots in different areas and phases of life.

I’ll share with you the framework I created called DRAB, which goal is to get more mental clarity using your journal as a tool. If you struggle with procrastination, you’ll get a strategy to increase your productivity. If you want to design your life to accomplish your goals, it’s also possible with the help of a journal. Or, to learn new skills and absorb information!

I included a lot of practical examples, as well as questions you can use to spark the writing process. Grab your journal, and start taking notes… because, why not? Anyway, you can download some resources that will help you out along the course, for free.

See you inside!

Course Overview

  • 1. Why and How to Use a Journal

  • 2. How to Get More Clarity of Mind

  • 3. Journal to Get More Productivity

  • 4. How To Be Happier

  • 5. How to Learn New Things

  • 6. How to have More Ideas

  • 7. How to Create a Travel Journal

  • 8. How to Design Your Life

  • 9. Supporting PDF's

  • 10. Conclusion