How To Stay Employed In The Robotic Future

By Alex Shoolman, Future Tech Expert, Teacher

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  • Welcome

  • What You Need To Know About Robots And Employment

  • Accelerating Technology Why No One Can Keep Up

  • Why Education Is Changing And How To Stay Relevant

  • How To Stay Employed In The Robotic Future

  • Future Cybersecurity Employment Opportunities

  • Future Self Driving Cars And TaaS Employment Opportunities

  • Future Drone Employment Opportunities

  • Future Solar, Wind And Battery Employment Opportunities

  • Bonus Content - More Fast Growing Industries Of The Future

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Alex Shoolman
Alex ShoolmanFuture Tech Expert, Teacher
Alex is a Future Technology expert, writer and teacher that's been researching, building, fixing and developing technology of all types for over 20 years. He's helped thousands of people across 180+ countries learn about technology and critical personal skills. From learning how to pay off their mortgage in under 10 years with amazing results to getting ahead in a world looming with robots and automation everywhere. Learn how to crush your mortgage in under 10 years Learn how to get out from financial stress and live your life. Learn how to target the Big Wins in life and make huge strides. Learn how to automate your life and use technology to your advantage. Learn how to recognise when your job might get disrupted and pivot to a better one. Check his courses out today! You have nothing to lose...