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How to Start a Podcast

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The essential things you need to know in order to start your own podcast.

Would you like to start and host your podcast show? This course will explain exactly what you need to do to start your own podcast show! We look at what equipment to get, what software to use, recording your show, show format, editing your podcasts, choosing music, legal issues, your hosting options, how to upload and submit your podcast to itunes and the best directories out there and how to monetise and market your show. We start right from the very beginning. No previous experience of any of the above is assumed.  We look at what a podcast is, the history of podcasting, the benefits of getting into podcasting and how to do it. Every step of the way is broken down. We don't just 'tell' you, we show you. The videos are clear, step by step, right from your podcast idea right up until submission and promoting your show. Podcasting is an amazing way to promote your brand and for you to promote yourself and become a leading authority in your chosen niche. There are far more blogs on the internet then they are podcasts. As a marketing medium and a direct channel of communication to your target audience, in terms of price comparison, and effectiveness of audience attention - very little measures up to a podcast! You have the undivided attention of your listener, they subscribe to your show, you have the opportunity to literally 'talk' to them ... what other medium or method can compare to this? A podcast can open new doors and opportunities unlike any other. This course looks at the most cost effective methods to achieve a podcast - your host has done all of the legwork and research for you. Save yourself a lot of time effort and energy by taking this course and learning exactly what to do and let us walk you through it. You don't need expensive editing equipment. You don't need to be in a recording studio and you don't need to spend a small fortune on voice over recording artists. You can can start your own podcast show this week (literally) with exactly what you have right now. We do look at different microphones on the market, and we look at which one to go for. We completely demystify and break down the process. If you want to start your own podcast show - this course will show you exactly what to do.... step-by-step. There is an extensive editing section - so you know how to edit your podcast and we look at the various means of monetising your work. Your course tutor is the host of The Authors Podcast which can be found on iTunes and she shows you step-by-step how to host your show, upload your show, name your show, edit your show and submit your show for acceptance.

Course overview - 43

  • Introduction to the course

  • A brief history

  • Why start a podcast?

  • Preparation

  • Lets prepare

  • Equipment needed

  • Microphones

  • Software

  • How to prepare

  • Audacity

  • Editing a podcast - part 1

  • Editing a podcast - part 2

  • Inserting an interlude

  • More editing to finish - part 1

  • More editing to finish - part 2

  • Ending the podcast

  • Editing

  • Editing Masterclass

  • Interludes

  • Legal issues

  • How to Publish

  • Affiliate program

  • Why Podbean

  • Publish a podcast on Podbean

  • Publishing a podcast - part 1

  • Publishing a podcast - part 2

  • Unmuting a file on Audacity

  • Podbean publishing after unmuting the file

  • Downloading itunes

  • Installing itunes and logging in

  • Testing your feed

  • Validate your feed

  • Itunes store submission

  • Directories

  • Itune accepted and shared

  • Stitcher and other submissions

  • Marketing Tips

  • Podcasting Tips

  • Monetizing Your Podcast

  • Budget

  • Conclusion and Next Steps

  • Stitcher acceptance

  • Embedding a HTML player on your site.

Meet your instructor

Lisa Newton
Lisa NewtonDirector
Lisa Newton BA MSc AAT has a masters degree in Investment Management and a first class honours degree in Accounting with Marketing. She formed her first company in 2004 with £150 in the same month of graduating from City University, London UK. Lisa has never had a full time 9 to 5 job in her life. She's a serial entrepreneur and author who holds directorships in various  industries including telecoms, property management, publishing, hair & beauty as well as  finance. She has won various awards in Business including: Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2007, in 2008 Enterprising Business Award, in 2016 BE Mogul Award and has been nominated and shortlisted in numerous others. In 2011 and in 2012 one of her companies won Best Accounting Franchisor Award.  In 2015 and 2017 one of her companies won Best Bookkeeping Business London (Accountancy International Awards).          Lisa's books include: How to write a book in two weeks, Constant Cashflow, Make the most of your money, How to start your own bookkeeping business, Cosmic ordering with Vision Boards, How to Franchise Your Business and Quickbooks Online The Handbook. Some of the books are in audio-format on itunes and audible. Lisa hosts her own show The Authors Podcast which can be found on the iTunes channel.          Lisa supports the charity The MS Society. A speaker, coach, consultant and an avid networker, Lisa enjoys meeting people and working on projects with like-minded individuals.            In her spare time, Lisa likes traveling, dancing salsa, writing books, learning languages, meditation, yoga and cosmic ordering.  

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