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By Billijs Cirvelis, Multimedia Designer & Photographer

How To Start A Business With The Lean Start-Up Strategy

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Course description

This course is for those who want to start up a new business. I will tell you about 5 steps for creating your own new business. The steps will be a solid base making a company that is ready for scaling it. Why should you trust me?

I have helped many people to start their businesses in the last few years and I have a Master's degree in social sciences in Management. I also invest a lot of my resources in self-education and will cover some of the most important things I have learned about starting a business in this online course so that you learn great principles which will help you a lot in creating your own business. I have collected knowledge from books, well-known businessmen, and trustful online resources to give you very useful information that can really increase your chance of creating a successful business. Reasons why you should start a business:

  1. Freedom
  2. Better motivation
  3. You can follow your passion
  4. You can start from scratch
  5. Achieve financial independence
  6. Control your lifestyle and your schedule
  7. Learn to start your own business:
  8. Create innovative product ideas for your business
  9. How to choose a great product idea
  10. What basic research should be like
  11. A strategy for creating a great product effectively without spending an enormous amount of resources
  12. Marketing steps for a new company
  13. Sell your product using the AIDA funnel

The course includes a look at the Lean Startup Strategy which is a very effective strategy to create a product that has high potential with relatively little resources. I will teach the marketing funnel called AIDA, which is very effective for selling your product to the client through a four-step strategy. I will show you examples, including one where I show you a strategy on how to sell your product to people. *Note that this course does not include information on how to register your company and on taxes as these things depend on the country in which you are living. Do not miss the opportunity to learn something that can help your new business – start the course now!

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Course overview - 8

  • Introduction

  • Before we start the course

  • 1.Generate product ideas for your business

  • 2.Choose the right business idea

  • 3.Basic research before creating the product

  • 4.Create a great product

  • 5.Marketing strategy for a new business

  • Conclusion

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Billijs Cirvelis
Billijs CirvelisMultimedia Designer & Photographer
I have worked with different media for many years and love to make creative solutions that improve the world. I specialize in photography, graphic design, and marketing (I have a Master's degree in social sciences in Management) and these are the subjects I would love to teach you so that you can become better at what you are doing and learn different skills that can advance your career! Without a mentor, the road to improvement is very difficult. Therefore I have created some lessons with great value that will help you improve faster and easier! Don't wait any longer – go check out my courses and I will appreciate your feedback :)