By Andrzej Pach, Animation & Video Expert

How to Record & Edit Your Own Videos and Tutorials.

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About This Class Do you find it difficult to record your screen, add a webcam, and edit everything? Are you getting lost in the number of programs, devices, and possibilities there are on the market? This class solves those issues and will be the one and only you need to learn screen recording and tutorial creation! You will learn basic video editing which will be easily enough to produce your first 100 videos CLASS SECTION LIST: Introduction Possible Investment Important Terminology How to Record your Screen How to Record a Webcam Free tools for Video Editing Paid Tools for Video Editing Try to record your own Video Microphone selection Room Acoustics Productivity Tips Designing Thumbnails Summary THE GOAL OF THIS COURSE: I am focusing 100% on teaching you How to Record Your Screen & Edit Your Own Videos so you can start creating content right after this course. Period. I teach about the best free & paid programs so you can get up and running no matter the budget. Please read through the curriculum and lectures to "see" what's covered. WHY IS THIS CLASS DIFFERENT: Other classes Teach only Camtasia, or only screen recording, or only video editing and are far too in-depth in those specific topics and you would need to buy 3-4 courses and spend literally 2 months just learning to get something out of it Other classes are often prolonged, You could forget half of the things you have learned while taking them This class Will teach you everything you need to know about screen recording in one place (tools, preparation, technical details) This class  has easily digestible, 2-4 minute tutorials so you stay focused This class  gives you a practical blueprint to create online tutorials This class showcases the most popular and used programs to create any type of online video This class teaches about all-important technical details and necessary equipment such as a microphone, camera, lighting etc. I AM COVERING TOPICS LIKE: Free tools for screen recording How to select and use a webcam (or camera) and a green screen Basic video editing with free and paid programs How to sound well with any microphone How to prepare and set up your recording studio Acoustics and soundproofing your office and recording space How to set up an office with any budget - low or high How to design thumbnails for your videos 1363d8b1.jpg PROGRAMS WE USE AND LEARN: Screen recording with Streamlabs OBS Screen recording with Camtasia Screen recording with Bandicam Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve Video Editing with OpenShot Video Editing with Camtasia ...and many more!

WHY IS THIS CLASS USEFUL: Video creation & editing skills are now more in demand than ever (partly due to the pandemic). Modern age lifestyle requires us to use tools like a webcam, ZOOM meetings and videos on a daily basis. Learning how to record, edit, and publish video material makes you more confident in your own value. I would be honored to have you onboard if this is of interest to you. There is a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee so you take absolutely no risk. If you are ready to work and want then I'll see you inside!

Course overview - 55

  • Section 1: Introduction

  • Download Resources

  • Section 2: Required Investment

  • Webcam or Camera

  • Microphone

  • Storage and Security

  • Section 3: Video Terminology.

  • Resolution.

  • Upscale Downscale

  • 30 vs 60 FPS

  • Section 4: Screen Recording

  • Free Tool - Streamlabs OBS (Scene)

  • Free Tool - Streamlabs OBS (Options)

  • Semi-Free - Bandicam (for Windows)

  • Mac Users

  • BONUS! Taskbar Control

  • Paid Tool - Camtasia

  • Section 5: Webcam Recording

  • Possible Solutions - 3rd Party Software

  • Camlink VS Webcam Utility VS Cheap Capture Card

  • Use Your Phone! iVCam

  • Lighting consideration

  • Green Screen

  • Bonus - Webcam Placement

  • Section 6: Video Editing (With Free Tools)

  • DaVinci Resolve - Basics

  • DaVinci Resolve - Edit

  • DaVinci Resolve - Zoom

  • DaVinci Resolve - Render

  • OpenShot - Editing

  • OpenShot - Finalizing

  • Section 7: Video Editing (With Paid Tools)

  • Camtasia - Trimming

  • Camtasia - ZOOM

  • Camtasia - Render

  • Camtasia - Bonus

  • Section 8: Recording Challenge - Your Video

  • Record Footage

  • Make simple edits

  • Render video

  • Assignment

  • Section 9: Microphone

  • Pop filter

  • Budget

  • Lav Mic

  • Section 10: Acoustics

  • Acoustic basics

  • You can DIY

  • Section 11: Organize Yourself

  • Templates TIME

  • Script vs Flow

  • Section 12: Creating Thumbnails

  • Without thinking

  • White stroke trick

  • Conclusion

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