How to Produce a Creative Marketing Strategy

By Brian Honigman, Marketing Consultant, NYU Adjunct Professor

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Success with marketing is not guaranteed. The difference between creative campaigns that get ignored and the one’s that earn attention is an investment in a marketing strategy.

A creative marketing strategy is a plan of action that helps to ensure that your approach to marketing is not only distinct, but informed by relevant research, insights, and data, and is organized by following a defined process.

Join Brian Honigman, a leading marketing consultant and an NYU adjunct professor, in his latest course on how to produce a useful marketing strategy that guides your campaigns to ensure each is creative, strategic, goal-oriented, and above all, adaptable to the changing business landscape.

This class teaches creatives, business owners, and marketers on how to build a forward-looking strategy document to improve the effectiveness of their marketing and save-time planning each step.

Many creatives neglect to develop a strategy to inform their marketing decisions leading to minimal visibility for their work. To avoid that outcome, businesses that guide their efforts with a marketing strategy are more likely to succeed as they’ve informed their investments in advertising with relevant data, comprehensive research, and thoughtful planning.

To increase the impact of your marketing, you’ll learn how to:

  • Justify spending the time to develop a creative marketing strategy to direct your approach.
  • Create a document that’s creative, comprehensive, actionable, and adaptable.
  • Structure a documented marketing strategy to your needs with the following sections:
  1. Why: Set meaningful goals to inform your marketing campaigns and programs.
  2. Who: Identify the customers you’ll target by creating marketing personas.
  3. What: Define the unique topics and themes your messaging will consistently address.
  4. Where: Select the right marketing channels to communicate where customers are active.
  5. How: Outline what tactics and strategies will help your campaigns reach your audience.
  6. When: Establish a timeline to organize the strategic release of your campaigns.

Whether you’re a small business owner or part of the marketing team at your company, by the end of this class you’ll learn what it takes to produce a marketing strategy that really works.

Course overview - 10

  • Benefits of a Strategy

  • Structuring a Strategy

  • Creating an Effective Strategy

  • Section I: Why (Goals)

  • Section II: Who (Customers)

  • Section III: What (Themes)

  • Section IV: Where (Channels)

  • Section V: How (Execution)

  • Section VI: When (Timeline)

  • Start Strategizing

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Brian Brian
Brian HonigmanMarketing Consultant, NYU Adjunct Professor
Brian Honigman is a marketing consultant helping NGOs, media brands, and tech companies succeed with their strategy around content marketing, social media and more. Brian is an adjunct professor at New York University's School of Professional Studies, an instructor at LinkedIn Learning, and a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Next Web. Named a "digital marketing expert" by Entrepreneur and a "top social media pro" by Social Media Examiner, Brian delivers strategic consulting, coaching, and training for marketers and leaders at the United Nations, People Magazine, Thomson Reuters, the Weather Company, Asana, Sprout Social and others.

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