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By Skillay Academy, Consultant

How to Manage Time Effectively and Increase Productivity

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Course description

Welcome to our course on How to Manage Time Effectively and Increase Productivity.

This course is designed for everyone seeking practical advice on how to improve time management skills and increase productivity.  By the end of the course, you will be able analyze how you use time, how you allocate time, how to plan better your time as well as how to make instant changes to your work routine and benefit from 15 practical tips for time management.

Course starts by looking at how you spend your time currently,  Then, we walk through the process of using proven techniques to make adjustments and improvements to your work habits.  We continue by looking at how to set goals, how to prioritize tasks, how to deal with meetings, how to organize better, how to deal interruptions and how to focus on results.  We complete the course by presenting 15 tips that can be applied immediately with fast impact on productivity.

There are no requirements necessary to enroll.  We only ask that you come open minded and ready to learn.

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Course overview - 15

  • Introduction

  • Analyze your use of time

  • Analyze how you allocate time

  • The myth of multitasking

  • Balancing goals

  • Prioritizing and balancing daily tasks

  • Processing items

  • Processing papers

  • Filing

  • Dealing with interruptions

  • Handling information sources

  • Dealing with meetings

  • Dealing with phone calls and messages

  • Practical tips for time management

  • Conclusion

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