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By Marshall Rimmer, Video Producer

How to make steady money in Passive Income through Stock Photography or Videography

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monetizing your camera or mobile phone by creating valuable stock photography - by pursuing an evergreen editorial approach, selecting a niche, learning basic camera skills and photoshop techniques, and isolating metadata and tags

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  • Class Overview

  • Planning & Development

  • Pre-Production & Cameras Skills

  • Production

  • Post-Production, Photoshop, Uploading, & Tags

  • Parting Words

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Marshall Rimmer
Marshall RimmerVideo Producer
Marshall Rimmer is a creative producer and the co-owner of Forge Productions, a Webby-winning production company that specializes in television commercials, branded entertainment, photography, and online video courses. Forge has created commercial content for clients such as Adidas, Disney, Microsoft, Nestle, Starbucks, State Farm, and Yamaha. Forge's video content has played at countless film festivals across the world and has amassed over fifty million views online.