By Hadis Malekie, Teacher of Digital Book Illumination

How to make a creative video for your painting

using mobile phone or computer
Language: English
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What you will learn

  • How to plan for a video
  • How to shoot painting process with different techniques of stopmotion
  • How to use Stop motion studio app to shoot videos
  • How to edit videos using Inshot app, or Adobe Premiere Software
  • How to Add video Tricks
  • How to build your social media presence and share your videos to get more result

Course description

We are in social media age, and we can share our process of creation through videos. Why not to make a creative art process video for your art process and FLAVOUR it with stop-motion. In this class you will learn how to use different stop-motion techniques to make videos, how to use your mobile or computer to edit all the videos into one single creative video, and how to share them on social media to get more interaction. You are a painter, illustrator, sculptor or a hobbyist, why not to join us? Let's start shooting the frames...


  • Beginner skills to work with mobile or computer 
  • Installing apps : Stop motion studio , and Inshot on your mobile 
  • A tripod and a paper canvas, etc for a simple painting.
  • Papers and ink

Course overview - 13

  • Introduction

  • Start Your Project

  • Plan Your Project

  • Setup and Get Ready

  • Papercut Stop-motion

  • Rolling Paper Stop-motion

  • Additive Texture Stop-motion

  • Scrolling Hand Stop-motion

  • Turn into One Video

  • Video Tricks

  • Out of Canvas Stop-motion

  • Social Media Presence

  • Final Thoughts

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Hadis Malekie
Hadis MalekieTeacher of Digital Book Illumination
Creativity and curiosity are the one we can use to live happier. In 2004 I started my teaching by teaching programming to students, I was then a computer engineering student. Motivating students, making projects and presenting them in annual exhibitions was so much fun and motivation for students and me. I also coach them to participate in programming contests. Having interest in making educational entertainments and documentaries, in 2009 I started studying Animated filmmaking. I made films and later on I came to the world of course creation, mixing motivation, joy, fun, entertainment, gamification and learning all together. Talking about digital art, I am interested in book style animations including decorative patterns, paper theater style, paper texture, gilding and mystery genre. and yes I wont get tired of watching Mr. Poirot and Sherlock Holmes.