How to learn kicking at home

By Viktor Prazhmovskyi, How to learn kicking at home

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This course is for you

This video course is suitable for those who are at home or do not have the opportunity to train with a trainer. It is great for those who do not have any equipment or partners to work out at home. Also, this course is suitable for advanced athletes who want to improve their technique. The coaches will find here 121 preparatory exercises for students. This course consists of preparatory exercises for the 5 basic kicks: front kick, roundhouse kick, side kick, back kick and spinning hook kick. All exercises for each kick are divided into 4 parts: 1. Preparatory exercises in the lying, sitting or knee position 2. Preparatory exercises for the charging phase of the kick 3. Preparatory exercises for the kick and the congregating phase after kick 4. Preparatory exercises for explosive kicks  and jump kicks. Only spinning hook kick training exercises are assembled into one unit. Before training you need to do a warm-up for 10-15 minutes. You can train each kick individually and perform 10 repetitions of each exercise, as stated in the video. And you can practice these exercises in parts: first the first part of the exercises for all the kicks, then the second, then the third and fourth. Exercises are in order of increasing complexity You can also do each preparatory exercise individually throughout the day at a convenient time and place for you. Some exercises can be practiced even while lying or sitting while watching TV. The fourth block of exercises and preparatory exercises for spinning hook kick should be done outdoors or in rooms where you are guaranteed not to touch any objects, fall on them, or hit anyone. If you train for at least 4 hours a week, in 3 months you will be able to kick at an advanced level and use them effectively for self-defense. Next, you will need to move to the development of kicks on special equipment - boxing bags, paws, pads. And also to work out kicks and their combinations with the partner. I would appreciate your feedback on this course

Course overview - 18

  • Shaping of kicking form

  • Front kick. Part 1

  • Roundhouse kick. Part 1

  • Side kick. Part 1

  • Back kick. Part 1

  • Front kick.Part 2

  • Roundhouse kick. Part 2

  • Side kick. Part 2

  • Back kick. Part 2

  • Front kick. Part 3

  • Roundhouse kick. Part 3

  • Side kick. Part 3

  • Back kick. Part 3

  • Front kick. Part 4

  • Roundhouse kick. Part 4

  • Side kick. Part 4

  • Back kick. Part 4

  • Spinning Hook kick

Meet your instructor

Viktor Prazhmovskyi
Viktor PrazhmovskyiHow to learn kicking at home
Victor Prazhmovsky has been practicing martial arts for 36 years. And for 16 years he has been working as a professional trainer for Cossack martial arts "Spas". During this time, hundreds of his students participated in and won dozens of martial arts competitions. These are taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, mma, grappling. In addition, Victor is organizing competitions and festivals for Cossack martial arts "Spas" in Ukraine. The majority of students are children and young people aged 6 to 16. Therefore, much attention is paid to game teaching methods in the martial arts. He is the author of a course on the use of games in martial arts.