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How to ink illustrations with digital tools

Language: English
How to ink illustrations with digital tools

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1 hour 55 minutes

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You want to know how to ink your illustrations and comic book projects? Learn tips and techniques to do so with this course! Learn how to use your graphic tablet and your creative software to ink your illustrations. You will find examples, tips and demonstrations that will provide you ideas and techniques to improve your skills in inking illustrations.
While you will follow this course, you can work in the same time on your own illustrations and practice immediatly.
Make sure to have the free software Krita and to have a graphic tablet. Thus, you will be able to follow the course in the best conditions.

Course Overview

  • 1. What you will learn

  • 2. Starting with a very simple drawing

  • 3. Example of inking from a picture

  • 4. Inking of a full comic book page (Warcraft)

  • 5. Inking an unfinished sketch