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By Paul Banoub, CEO and Business Executive

How to Hire Great People - A MasterClass in Hiring For Your Teams

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Learn the secrets behind acquiring top-tier talent in this masterful course that teaches you how to hire the right people to fit your company culture.

Learning Objectives: 1. A tried and tested methodology for hiring great people into your teams 2. How to recognize the right people, attitudes & company culture fit 3. What's wrong with the interview process & how to fix it

Hiring people. One of the most time-consuming and painful processes that a people manager has to go through. But it doesn't have to be that way! Over the last 20 years, I've developed a killer process that has enabled me to transform the quality of the hires that I bring into my teams, and takes all the pain away from the process itself. In this course I'll show you how to make sure the people you hire have the right skills to do a great job, the enthusiasm and drive to keep developing as self-learners, and the diversity to not only fit into your culture, but to take it to another level. And as well as making sure the hires are great, I'll also show you how you can work with the restrictions that your company may place on you regarding salaries, locations, ranks and much more. This course is based on 20 years of hiring people into massive companies and is guaranteed to take your ability to hire great people to great heights.

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Course overview - 32

  • Section 1: Introduction To The Course

  • About Me

  • Section 2: The Importance of the Interview Process

  • What's Wrong With The Interview Process

  • Human Vs. Algorithm 1

  • Unconscious Interviewer Biases

  • Section 3: Be Data Driven

  • Let's See You In Action

  • Keep it Relevant

  • Seriously Avoid These Topics

  • Section 4: Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

  • How To Hire a Diverse Workforce

  • Hunger And Desire Over Skills

  • Section 5: Culture Addition Not Culture Fit

  • Section 6: Compliment, Backup or Add To The Team

  • Section 7: Hiring The Right Rank

  • Section 8: What Are Your Location Restrictions

  • Where Are Others Based

  • Section 9: The Risk Of Delivering Less

  • The Risk Of Burnout

  • The Risk Of Losing The Headcount

  • Section 10: Confirm The Job Is What They Think It Is

  • Sell Yourself, The Team & The Company

  • Don't Be A Jerk

  • It's Not About Making You Look Good

  • Section 11: Managing Recruitment Agencies

  • Communications With The Candidate

  • Section 12: Be Ready

  • Assign A Buddy

  • Section 13: You Got It Wrong!

  • Section 14: Concluding Remarks

  • Quiz

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Paul Banoub
Paul BanoubCEO and Business Executive
IT Director with almost 20 years across global financial institutions. Experienced in managing global teams in high-pressure environments as well as defining analytics strategy & tooling for cross-functional stakeholders as well as many other programmes with CTOs & CDOs. Passionate about great technology, end-user experience & delivering scalable services in massive enterprises. Speaker, blogger & tech communicator.