How to grow your Instagram (for artists & creatives)

By Maggie Roman, Illustrator & Educator for creatives

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The is nothing more frustrating that putting a lot of time and effort into a new Instagram Account and feeling stuck as you see no growth, no engagement, no results! This class is for beginner artists & creatives who want to grow their Instagram Art Account relatively quickly and consistently without sliding back and forth. In this class we will break down all the major chapters of Instagram like: Posts, Captions, Stories, Comments, Hashtags etc. and provide tips on how to improve each and every one of those aspects in order to have a quicker and more consistent growth on Instagram. At the end of the class, there will be a 10 day challenge to help you implement the tips provided in the class from theory into action. From my experience it takes a week or two of hard work to get things moving but if you keep at it, your account should start growing faster and more consistently. By the end of the challenge you will start feeling your account ''awakening''. Enjoy!

Course overview - 22

  • What we'll do in this class

  • Bio - Your handshake with the world

  • Stories - Let your audience get to know you

  • How to make your stories better

  • Posts - What goes into a post?

  • Pictures - The secret to good imagery

  • Captions - Unlock audience engagement

  • Hashtags - Optimize your content's searchability

  • Additional hashtag ideas

  • Where to put our hashtags?

  • Comments - Bring engagement to your content

  • General Do's for fast growth

  • Consistency is the name of the game

  • Batch work to save time

  • Good Content Formula

  • Giveaways - A fun way to connect

  • Engagement pods & DM Groups

  • Dm Groups - Pros and Cons

  • Art featuring pages - Are they worth it?

  • Let's produce even more engagement

  • The general Dont's

  • Thank you for taking this class! Now let's do a class Project!

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Maggie RomanIllustrator & Educator for creatives
Hello! I am a London based Illustrator, a Content Creator and an Educator for creatives. My main goal is to help creative people be successful doing what they love, be it through Art or Marketing advice.