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By Nancy Reyner, Professional Fine Art Painter

How to Gold Leaf & Acrylic Painting Ideas Over Gold Leaf

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Course description

Easily add gold and other metal leaf to any surface, for fine art paintings and craft projects. Learn all the steps from start to finish, including cool tips and tricks to leaf application. Discover which types of leaf to use, optimal tools and materials, how to prepare your surface to permanently adhere the leaf, and excellent ways to seal and protect the leaf.

Course overview - 20

  • Section 1 Creating a Gold Leaf Surface

  • Lecture 1- Welcome from Your Instructor

  • Lecture 2 – Introduction to Gold Leaf

  • Lecture 3 - All About Supplies for Leafing

  • Lecture 4 - Preparing Your Surface for Leafing

  • Lecture 5 – Applying Leaf Adhesive

  • Lecture 6 – Leafing and Burnishing

  • Lecture 7 – Cleaning Excess Leaf

  • Lecture 8 – Sealing the Leaf

  • Section 2: Acrylic Painting on Gold Leaf

  • Lecture 9 – Introduction to Acrylic Painting on Gold Leaf

  • Lecture 10 – Key Concepts about Painting on Leaf

  • Lecture 11 – Subtle Colored Glazes

  • Lecture 12 – Intense Colored Glazes

  • Lecture 13 – Translucent Layering

  • Lecture 14 – Cool Technique Using Glass Bead Gel

  • Lecture 15 - Opaque Paint Color

  • Lecture 16 – Sanding Techniques on Leaf

  • Lecture 17 – Special Effects with Pastes

  • Lecture 18 – Finishing Varnish Topcoat

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Nancy Reyner
Nancy ReynerProfessional Fine Art Painter
Nancy Reyner loves to paint and is equally passionate about assisting other artists. A professional artist and art instructor for over 30 years, Nancy received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and MFA from Columbia University. She believes anyone can paint - and paint well! Nancy authored four top selling painting books with North Light Books, and appeared on television for HGTV’s “That’s Clever”. While she has extensive training as a Certified Working Artist for Golden Artist Colors, she has expertise in a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. Nancy currently lives and paints in Santa Fe, NM.