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How To Easily Create Highly Profitable Sales Funnels

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How To Easily Create Highly Profitable Sales Funnels

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Learn How To Easily Create Highly PROFITABLE Sales Funnels Even If You Have ZERO Technical or Design Skills.

How would you like to Easily Create Highly PROFITABLE Sales Funnels in as little as 60 seconds?

In this Sales Funnel Blueprint Course you're going to learn the steps that successful businesses, entrepreneurs and brands use to convert visitors into customers and how you can easily create simple highly PROFITABLE sales funnels even if you have ZERO technical or design skills.

This course will give you that unfair advantage and help you finally breakthrough so you can get results as soon as you finish watching the videos!

Sales funnels allow you to build trust, credibility, and rapport with your potential customers. With a sales funnel you’re not focusing on selling every single time but instead getting their contact information, then gradually increasing their engagement and moving them along your sales funnel so you can sell them high ticket products and services.

Course Overview

  • 1. What is a Sales Funnel?

  • 2. Why ALL Businesses Need Sales Funnels

  • 3. 3 Phases of a Highly Converting Sales Funnel

  • 4. The 4 Sales Funnel Stages

  • 5. Macro and Micro Conversions

  • 6. What is Market Sophistication?

  • 7. The 5 Stages of Market Sophistication

  • 8. Sales Pipeline vs. Sales Funnel

  • 9. The Perfect Simple 3 Step Local Business Sales Funnel

  • 10. The Perfect Simple 4 Step Digital Products Sales Funnel

  • 11. How to Create The Perfect Lead Magnet

  • 12. Landing Page Sales Funnel Design Elements

  • 13. Landing Page Design Walkthrough

  • 14. Different Types of Sales Funnels

  • 15. Key Sales Funnel Metrics

  • 16. Soap Opera Email Sequences

  • 17. 10 Steps To Creating a High Performing Funnel

  • 18. Sales Funnel Authority Guide

  • 19. Sales Funnel Authority Checklist Guide

  • 20. How Write Copy That Turns Traffic In Customers

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