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By Vansika Agrawal, Artist and Illustrator

How to Draw Realistic Eye with Colored Pencils | Step by Step & Easy to Follow

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What you will learn

  •  1. How to Draw a Realistic Eye with Coloured Pencils intro 
  • 2. Materials for Drawing a Realistic Eye with Colour Pencils 
  • 3. How to Sketch a Realistic Eye with Coloured Pencils 
  • 4. Instagram Tour while Erasing Sketch Guidelines 
  • 5. How to Colour a Realistic Eye - The Skin and Eye Lids 
  • 6. How to Colour a Realistic Eye - The Cornea and Shading Skin
  •  7. How to Colour a Realistic Eye - The Iris Base Colours (Brown, Green and Blue Eye) 
  • 8. How to Colour a Realistic Eye - Filling in The Pupil 
  • 9. How to Colour a Realistic Eye - Drawing the Iris Pattern (Multiple Layers) 

Course description

Draw this eye with Hyper Real Technique. Discover and draw the different layers of the eye. Learn the details, contrast, and simulation of eye drawing. If you can draw this realistic eye for the first time, your fear will be drawn. If you build the basic structure of this eye, you can apply different layers with pencils and drawing tools. The important thing is to know the layers. And tool recognition. Your ability to draw the real draws you to the point of view of others. Because only a professional can Draw this real eye. Draw a real eye on this technical course. In this class I will show you how to draw a realistic eye using coloured pencils. Why do some say colored and some say coloured? Well, nevermind! When drawing a realistic eye with colored pencils the most fun and challenging part is drawing the iris. In this class I chose to not choose an eye colour - instead I chose ALL of them! So if you can draw blue eye, green eyes and brown eyes you can draw ALL eye colours! It was my bubby's idea! And I think it looks really cool! That makes this tutorial something you can use no matter what eye colour you have as you can see how to fill in and blend both the dark variations and the light ones. This eye looks so natural because you used different tools and layers to draw the details and learn the different steps, contrast is very important, as well as the fit, the direction of the eyelashes, the light coming into the eye. Reflected by the contrast of darkness and clear fading of different parts All of these steps make your drawing look more realistic. I am convinced that everyone is able to draw. Only patience, right guidance and inspiration are needed. So, join me, get inspired, and start learning! 


  •  1. a graphite pencil, 
  • 2. obviously colored pencils ( for eye colour and skintones), 
  • 3. an eraser,
  •  4. a blending pencil or a white pencil for blending,
  •  5. a white gel pen.

Course overview - 4

  • Materials & How to Draw a Realistic Eye

  • The Skin And Eye Lids

  • Colouring the iris Pattern

  • Realistic eyes finalising the drawing -Thanks for watching

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Vansika Agrawal
Vansika AgrawalArtist and Illustrator
I have carved my own path into the art world. There were many big blocks and also bigger accomplishments. All of which lead me to become a Creator. Make sure to follow to stay up to date with all future classes. Hi, my name is Vanshika. I'm a self-taught artist, apainter and a creative person based out of Delhi, India. Academically, I've done Engineering from Delhi University, working in corporate for a decade and ran the rat race like everyone else. But from very beginning I had my passion for art. Eventually with my 9-to-5 job I started exploring my creative side. Learning from my passion towards art, I started conducting painting workshops to bring art to masses and explore more. During lockdown 2020, I shifted to the online world and now I teach paintings globally. I love travelling, I love nature and its views. Their beauty touches my heart in a way I cannot live with out that. I love to create paintings from what I see, and the natural views naturally become my theme. The beauty I see in this world is inspiring and real and encourages me to create beautiful landscape paintings.