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How To Draw A Face Using Google Drawings For Non-Techies

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How To Draw A Face Using Google Drawings For Non-Techies

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Hello, friend!

I understand.

You want to learn how to carry out seemingly basic stuff on the computer. Everyone knows more than you and they don't have the time or patience to sit down with you a show you every step needed to carry out a task.

It's normal. We live in a time where technology is moving so fast that it's hard to keep up with let alone start to learn it from scratch.

If you have a pc or a laptop, a keyboard, a mouse, a Gmail account and you can open a Web browser such as Google Chrome, Windows Explorer, Mozilla fox or Safari then you can discover how to draw your first creation in Google Drawings.

Google Drawings is free and it is a simple to use application for many different uses.

You can learn to create an object such as a person, an animal, backgrounds etc using simple shapes.

In this course, I take you through step by step how to create a drawing of a face with eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair and neck.

Come and join the fun!

This course is for creatives who need detailed instructions.

I show you how to open a Google Drawing, locate the file in your Google Drive and give the file a name.

I show you when to click the mouse. Which button on the mouse to click and when to use the keyboard.

If you already know the basics such as "left click on the mouse" then this course is not for you as it may be too easy but you're welcome to come and join the fun!

What you need to complete this course.

  • Internet connection
  • PC or laptop with mouse
  • A keyboard
  • A Gmail account
  • A big smile

What will help?

  • Wearing headphones to follow the lessons
  • Giving yourself time to listen, watch and learn
  • Not worrying about the outcome

Your first attempt will amaze you. You'll be surprised just how easy it is to create an image in Google Drawings.

Let's do this!

Course Overview

  • 1. How To Open a Google Drawing Document

  • 2. Page Set-Up & Change Canvas Size

  • 3. How To Locate Your Google Drawing File

  • 4. Create A Shape

  • 5. Change The Size Of The Shape

  • 6. Change The Fill Colour Of The Shape

  • 7. Change The Border Colour Of The Shape

  • 8. Manipulate The Shape

  • 9. Adding A Nose. More Shape Options

  • 10. How To Move A Shape On The Canvas

  • 11. Eyes - Set 1 - Part 1. Make A Perfect Circle

  • 12. Eyes - Set 1 - Part 2

  • 13. Eyes - Set 1 - Part 3. Grouping Shapes Together

  • 14. Eyes - Set 1 - Part 4. How To Align Shapes

  • 15. Eyes - Set 2 - Part 1

  • 16. Eyes - Set 2 - Part 2

  • 17. Adding A Mouth

  • 18. How To Centralise & Align Shapes

  • 19. Adding Ears - Part 1

  • 20. Adding Ears - Part 2. Changing Shape Order

  • 21. Adding A Neck

  • 22. Adding Hair - Part 1

  • 23. Adding Hair - Part 2

  • 24. Adding Hair - Part 3. Selection Multiple Shapes

  • 25. Adding Extra Details To The Eyes

  • 26. Adding Extra Details To The Mouth

  • 27. Adding Extra Details To The Cheeks

  • 28. Adding Extra Details To The Hair - Part 1

  • 29. Adding Extra Details To The Hair - Part 2

  • 30. Adding Eyebrows - Part 1

  • 31. Adding Eyebrows - Part 2

  • 32. Adding Eyebrows - Part 3

  • 33. Grouping All The Shapes Together. Final Thoughts & Project

  • 34. Class Project ;)

Marie Smith
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Marie Smith

Hey, I'm Marie 👋 Thanks for taking the time to check out my profile. 🙂 I'm a positive kind of person. Others would say that I'm a happy person. But you know what, there are periods when even I struggle. I struggle to stay motivated. I struggle to stay focused. I struggle to feel, well positive and happy. But you know what? This is normal. This is life. Going through life, we experience the ups and downs of it. We collect important information about different situations. Our brains learn important coping mechanisms to help us deal with life events. Although, often we learn how to react badly and irrationally to situations. These irrational emotions become the norm. Our reactions become a habit. We become our emotions. She's an angry person. He's a secretive person. He's a jealous person. I'm impatient. Guess what? It's a choice. It's her choice that she's angry. It's his choice that he's secretive. It's his choice that he's jealous. It's my choice that I'm impatient. This can all change! Our emotions and reactions to events are the results of habits. For example, every time you see that complete idiot at work, you have the same thoughts running through your head. "What stupid things will she say to me today?", you ask yourself. You'll feel the same negative emotions over and over again. These are irrational reactions. You can change them; even if she continues to be an idiot. Another example is that I always feel scared when I go to the dentist. My feelings are completely irrational. I don't know why I'm scared. I can change how I feel about going to the dentist because it's only a habit that I react like this. Yes, I am currently working on this! 😁 Habits can change. Emotions can change. Reactions to situations can change. Why would you want to change though? The ability to change our reaction habits IS LIFE CHANGING. I mean who doesn't want to remain cool when under pressure? Who doesn't want to have patience so you can not only reach your goals but smash them? Come on a life-changing journey with me and I'll show you that no matter what it is, YOU CAN AND YOU WILL achieve your goals! Stay amazing 🤩 Marie
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