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How to Create Motion Graphic Template (.mogrt) for Beginners

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How to Create Motion Graphic Template (.mogrt) for Beginners

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This is a great introductory course for anyone who wants to start creating a motion graphic template. It is suitable for beginners because I will go step by step, how to create and adjust controls for the template.

We will create a simple "Subscribe" animation from scratch in After Effects using only use few shapes and one text layer to make it simple and easy to understand. We will also create custom controls, which users can change later on in Premiere Pro. In the end, we will test our template in Premiere Pro and troubleshoot all potential issues.

This class is for every video creator, who would like to turn every After Effects animation into a motion graphic template and use it multiple times in Premiere Pro. This is a great way of saving some time in the video production process.

Course Overview

  • 1. Create Animation in After Effects

  • 2. Create Custom controls in After Effect

  • 3. Put Custom controls in Essential Graphics Panel in After Effects

  • 4. Test the Template in Premiere Pro

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