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How To Create Amazing Cinemagraphs with Microsoft PowerPoint

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How To Create Amazing Cinemagraphs with Microsoft PowerPoint

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The online marketing world is continously changing and things that worked  3 years ago don't seem to work now anymore.  
It's harder and harder to get the attention of your audience on Social Media, with the Emails that you send or through the Banners that you have on your website.  
That's why you have to learn how to create and use CINEMAGRAPHS. These amazing graphics are your CHANCE TO GET YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMER'S ATTENTION!  
BIG BRANDS are already using them in their marketing campaigns and they see CONVERSIONS UP WITH 5 TIMES BIGGER!   
Netflix uses cinemagraphs to promote their TV shows and series, Calvin Klein to advertise their new collections and even Coca Cola uses them to keep their customers engaged!  
The problem is that for most entrepreneurs or marketers, creating a cinemagraph can seem a hard task. You either have to buy expensive softwares or to hire freelancers in order to be able to do it.  
THAT IS WHY I'VE CREATED THIS COURSE, to show you how you can easly create a cinemagraph by using Microsoft PowerPoint and FREE Videos that you can find online!  
So, if you want to learn how YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN CINEMAGRAPHS IN A COUPLE OF MINUTES just by using PowerPoint than join me in this course right now and let's get started!  
I am looking forwad to see you inside the course and I wish you maximum success!

Course Overview

  • 1. Introduction To Cinemagraphs

  • 2. Why Should You Use Cinemagraphs

  • 3. How Can I Find FREE Videos For My Cinemagraphs?

  • 4. How To Find FREE Videos On Youtube

  • 5. The Step-By-Step Process To Creating Cinemagraphs With Microsoft PowerPoint

  • 6. How To Create A Cinemagraph In Microsoft Powerpoint

  • 7. Cinemagraph Example 2

  • 8. Cinemgraph Example 2