How to Become Extremely Smart

By Gilad James, Researcher of Hidden Knowledge

Language: English

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Do you desire to increase your brain power? Do you feel you have not yet reached your potential? In this course you will find techniques on how to become extremely smart. All techniques are scientifically proven. I will explain the theory as well as provide practical techniques to implement it. Your brain power refers to the overall capacity of the brain, not just the thinking aspect of it. Your brain doesn’t just think; it also handles: Intelligence, Creativity, Talents, Consciousness and Intuition. You probably noticed that you use your brain for all everyday activities. With a more powerful brain you will be able to improve your relationships, do better at work, learn anything faster and much more. A more powerful brain, is a more powerful you!

Course overview - 10

  • Introduction

  • What does being Extremely Smart mean?

  • Learning and the Human Brain

  • Habits - Friend or Foe?

  • The Power of Observation

  • The Law of Becoming Extremely Smart

  • Download

  • Process

  • Practical Techniques For Any Circumstance

  • Final words

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