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How To Become A Powerful Team Leader - 9 Success Principles

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We do it every day, but leading people can be a daunting challenge. Do you want to boost your leadership skills and strength? Do you want to become a more competent leader who is persuading his or her team to come with you? Congratulations! Leadership skills can be learned. Whether you're leading small or large teams, there are simple but profound techniques for getting your team members on your side, your message across and the job done. This course will help you to build and upgrade your skills for your employee relations, communication, listening and delegation. It is designed for beginners and for people who already have experience in leading teams but want to exceed and become exceptional. Leadership starts with self-leadership and is a fundamental skill in every stage of your career and life. You will learn why praising your employees and appreciating your colleagues in public is important. The leadership principles you will learn in this course also helped me on my journey to become a much more effective and efficient leader and manager. I am Marcel Riemer, Executive Chef and Author with more than 28 years of experience in the international hospitality industry. I have cooked for countless people including presidents, top athletes and artists from all over the world. I led multinational teams of over 125 people in 11 different countries on 4 continents. I have developed this course and I cover nine leadership principles which I have discovered in more than 28 years of international experience. Specifically, we’ll cover… Why you must lead by example in order to positively influence your team members The art of listening and why we have two ears but only one mouth How to communicate effectively and why it is the foundation of leadership The truth about delegation and why it is important to empower your team members The power of connecting to people to establish trust The importance of praising your staff and showing appreciation towards their accomplishments How to behave with emotional intelligence to lead in a professional and respectful way Why you need to be a trainer, coach and mentor to your employees if you want that they succeed The secret how to inspire others Start becoming a better leader now! I am excited to see you in my course! Marcel

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  • To Start With: Leading By Example

  • Become A Good Listener!

  • Be A Great Communicator

  • All My Secret Tips For Effective Connecting, Empowering, Delegating, Praising, Training and Inspiring Your Team Members

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Marcel Riemer
Marcel RiemereLearning Coach
11 Countries - 4 Continents - 2 Award Winning Restaurants Hello, Marcel here! ​In September of 2015 I reached such a disastrous point in my life that I had to undertake a serious u-turn. This recalibration was necessary in order to get my life back on track where I wanted it to be. Four years later, in 2019, I started my eLearning venture. In the meantime I became a passionate reader and personal development junky. It is absolutely crucial for me to study and grow on a permanent basis. I can not spend a day without reading in a book. ​I have specialized in psychology and communication, including leadership and persuasion. I am extremely excited to share all I have learned with other people and help them to advance with confidence. ​But before that... ​...I was born in Berlin, Germany, where I learned the art of cooking. Starting my profession at the tender age of 16, I ever since traveled the world, cooking in Hong Kong, broiling in Zurich, grilling in Kuala Lumpur, frying in San Diego, baking in Jakarta, sizzling in Beijing and many other places around the globe. ​I was part of world class teams at international luxury hotels and resorts such as Marriott International, Hyatt Hotels Corporation and Accor S.A., leading large teams of up to 120 cooks. The kitchen life taught me lessons the hard way. It was not all “rise and shine” along my rocky way. Tremendous obstacles had to be overcome. ​My comprehensive travels across 4 continents motivated me to write a book which is about the “normal every-day” chef, who goes out of his way to make people happy. I am the author of “Slamming It Out!”, my first book which I have released in 2019. In it I share my unparalleled views. I give insights, lessons and share valuable tips, tricks and other tools which will help not only the beginner cook but also the experienced chef including food lovers from across the globe. Thanks for visiting my Profile. Marcel